With Default Looming, Democrats Rip Republicans For Trying To Protect America

(From guardiantv.com)

Here we are folks. In twenty-four hours America will default on its debts if nothing is done. While Democrats and their “my way or the highway” attitudes have been what’s hindering the country from moving forward, Democrats and liberal media outlets are pinning the blame on one group only, House Republicans. As I have said before, I think that House Republicans are being brave standing up to the establishment and hindering an extremely dangerous policy, Obamacare from going into place, but you won’t hear that from the liberal media outlets. Just look at MSNBC host Chuck Todd, who went off the rails in a partisan pouting party and practically scolded Ted Cruz for not taking the blame for the whole government shutdown. Then you have CNN who is reporting negative story after negative story about House Republicans as the supposed “end all, be all” date of October 17th approaches.

The simple fact of the matter though is that Democrats, though not being held accountable in any way by the media, are equally at blame as their Republican colleagues. After all, the government is supposed to be about checks and balances and both sides working together to reach a common goal, but that’s not what’s going on. Democrats will not even give a little on Obamacare and other policies, and Republicans are just making it known that that’s not cool. Democrats, in the meantime, have been trying to pin it all on Republicans, saying that they are going against the will of the people. I hate to tell them though, some of the laws that they cherish here in this great land were passed against the will of a majority of people.

Just look at abortion. At the time, most people in America certainly did not want abortion, but the Supreme Court did what they did. Liberals love to talk about the historic significance of Roe vs. Wade, but they love to bash Republicans trying to hinder the monstrous mess that is Obamacare from going into place because they say that Americans love Obamacare. Well, I hate to tell them, their political history has been one that forces Americans to swallow what they don’t like to make them feel better inside, and I would much rather have my officials doing things that would protect me and my ancestors and our rights, even though some may get upset about it, than have them rallying the deaths of unborn children. So, as the clock keeps ticking to the October 17th date, I want my fellow Republicans to stay strong. They may be unpopular at the moment, but sticking up for what one feels is right, regardless of others’ opinions, is the true test of a man or woman’s character, and people who do this are what make this country great.

May God bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


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