Crisis Averted?: How The Government Reopening Spells Trouble For America

Well, as I suspected, the government reopened late Wednesday night just before we could default on our debts. Republicans in the House passed a Senate bill to reopen the government, and Obama signed it into law. While Democrats rejoiced, conservatives lamented that nothing was done to fix the national debt. While Americans expressed their  outrage, I must say that I am outraged at both parties and their behaviors throughout the shutdown.

I’ll start with my own party first. Republicans railed against passing a budget until parts of Obamacare were struck down, and then, after they had enough of that, they voiced their frustration about our country’s deficit. While this was all good and well even though I thought they should have had a CLEAR political message for not passing a budget, I feel like it was a complete political circus. That’s because, when it came time to take a vote, they sided with Democrats and passed the bill. If they wanted to truly make a difference, they should have stayed strong to their convictions, but now that they have sold us out, I feel like every Republican rallying hard to keep the government shut down did so because they want their names to be familiar in 2016.

Next, I’ll move to the Democrats. While it seems like the shutdown was their golden opportunity to work together with Republicans, they instead refused to talk at all, and they shoved their opinions down the throats of Republicans and Americans alike. Ring leader Obama was at the head of all of this, telling the media that he would not be pushed around because Americans love Obamacare without exception (yeah, right), and his party followed suit. They went on and on about how they would not back down, and how Republicans were the ones who allegedly caused the entire shutdown. It was a sickening display on the part of Republicans and Democrat alike, but one party disgusted me even more….the news media.

Each day, the news media placed the blame solely on Republicans, and this became the most obvious example of blatant media biased I’ve seen to date. Instead of reporting from a balanced perspective, they continually lambasted Republicans. They showed poll after poll that Americans blamed Republicans, and they put the idea into Americans’ heads that somehow they shouldn’t vote for them in upcoming elections due to this. It’s a sad state of affairs that the media has become like this, but it is our reality.

So folks, that’s who I’m upset with for the shutdown. I know many of you will agree, and many more of you will disagree with me (P.S. feel free to leave me an opinion below). Nevertheless, I feel like the government shutdown was outrageous in every way possible. The truth is though that, regardless of who I’m angry at or how outrageous I feel it turned out, i still feel that our country is in trouble. Each day, as i see the debt ceiling grow and grow and see Obamacare’s implementation inching closer and closer, I feel that we are in serious trouble if we do not keep our nation in check. We were founded on liberties that were meant to make America great and its citizens happy, and I feel like those liberties are in jeopardy the way our country is headed. We have time to fix it (shutdown being one of those times), but if we don’t our liberties may soon be lost forever, a truly scary though indeed this Halloween season.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


2 thoughts on “Crisis Averted?: How The Government Reopening Spells Trouble For America

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