Gay Is The Word: How Republicans Supporting Gay Rights Will Save The Party

       The last few weeks have seen the gay rights movement make great strides in gaining equality. First, a decision by New Jersey’s Supreme Court made gay marriage legal in the state. At first, Governor Christie tried to fight it, but he eventually gave in and said he would not be appealing the decision. Over on the west coast, Oregon is now recognizing gay marriages from other states, and New Mexico is hearing arguments to allow same-sex marriage in that state. 

     It’s a great time for the gay rights movement as more and more young people are supporting gay equality, but it’s not only the young people who are changing their tune on the issue. Minorities and middle aged people are also shifting their opinions, and it is making gay equality inevitable in our country Unfortunately, our party is not taking note of this. Instead, we are staying in the past with outdated ideas that will doom our party if we are not careful. 

      Just look at Republican politicians like Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann. They rail against gay people and gay equality, and they are the butt of jokes because of it. This wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that they are known leaders in the conservative movement. They make it seem like every other conservative is with them on issues of denying rights to the GLBT community when that it not the case, and they are costing us votes at the ballot box. 

     Those two are just the tip of the iceberg though. Other noted conservatives, such as Brian Brown, are taking their hate of gays to a whole new level. Brown even traveled to Russia recently to vouch for their anti-gay laws which are causing an outbreak of violence and murder towards the GLBT community in that country. Brown, as a proud conservative, is damaging the party with his out of date views, and it’s not going to make it easy for us to win an election with people like him in our party. 

   So what can we do about this? As conservatives, we must scream to the top of our lungs that we do not hold the out of date, hateful messages that some in our party may do. We need to make it known that we value liberty and justice for all, and that denying rights to gays and lesbians goes against the core values of conservatism. It is only through doing this that we can drown out the hate that is coming from some in our party. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


5 thoughts on “Gay Is The Word: How Republicans Supporting Gay Rights Will Save The Party

  1. Homosexuality is a sexual disorder.

    Proof: If everyone were gay the human race would go extinct.

    Therefore, the very notion of basing human rights and marriage on a sexual disorder is absolutely, objectively absurd.

    Further, by making gay marriage a human right, the 1st Amendment is destroyed. That’s because Christians will no longer be free to practice their religion or free to speak out against homosexuality.

    Without the 1st Amendment there is no longer a free society.

    So it should be obvious that gay marriage and gay rights signifies the end of America’s free society.

    • Your point, to me, makes no sense. Firstly, not everyone is gay, and therefore the human race will continue because there will always be people, both gay and straight. It’s a genetic variation, not a disorder. Secondly, Christians can be able to practice their religion if gay marriage is legal. If they aren’t forced to marry gay people, which they most likely won’t be, they can go about teaching against homosexuality and freely practice their religion . The only thing is that there religion will not be forced on the rest of the population. Under your thinking, Muslims aren’t being able to practice their religion freely because all women aren’t made to wear hijabs. It’s nonsensical, and it shows how weak the argument against gay rights truly is.

      • genera,

        I have proven that homosexuality is a disorder.

        Marriage is between a man and woman because that is ordered to human nature.

        If we start reshaping our society and its institutions according to disorders, than our society will become disordered and collapse.

      • You have not proven anything. Homosexuality is not a disorder. It’s a genetic variation.It may even be God’s way of making sure our planet doesn’t get too overpopulated. Secondly, marriage is a social construct. Few animals are monogamous, and no animals have marriage. Saying that gay marriage will make our society collapse is just a talking point that people out there use, and there is no truth to it. Many countries already have gay marriage, and they are doing just fine. So, while I respect your opinion, I just don’t think that you have proven anything. You have no proof, but you are free to believe what you want. That’s the beauty of America.

      • Gen,

        Genetic variations are transmitted to future generations through sexual reproduction.

        Homosexuality is closed to sexual reproduction therefore any genetic variations contained in the homosexual are never transmitted to future generations.

        This simple common sense fact is further proof that homosexuality is a disorder.

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