Profit, Profit, Profit: Why The Government Won’t Fix Student Loans

      Trying to pay off all those student loans? Working extra hours to do so? Taking out more loans for next year of college? Well, if you are doing any of these things, the government loves you. After all, according to the latest data, those of you who are paying student loans are giving the government billions of dollars a year in profit. In fact, they made over 41 billion dollars from student loans last year. With such profits, it looks unlikely that they are going to be reforming the system to benefit those of you out there who are trying to get your loans paid off, and why would they?

       Well, it would be the right thing to do, but we all know that politics is a numbers and money game. Obama made a lot of big promises when he was running for office, but it looks like, once again, he has sold us short. Rates on student loans have stayed steady or gone up when Obama promised he would find a way to get them down. Meanwhile, students who thought they were doing the right thing are paying outrageous interest on loans they took out, and the government is rolling in the cash that they are forking over. 

       It’s not Obama’s fault though, it’s every politician in Washington. They are doing everything they can to milk ever red cent out of the American people, and it is sick that they are taking advantage of the most susceptible people in the country. After all, those just getting out of college are oftentimes having a hard time getting jobs once they get out, and the government is just putting more and more burden on their backs. Many are even regretting their choice to go to college after they graduate. So next time you look into taking out another loan to pay for school for you or your kids, just remember that it may not pay off in the end and act accordingly. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


Power Trip: How Democrats’ Nuclear Option Proves Their Love Of Power, Lack Of Respect For The American People

Checks and balances are important to the freedom that we have as Americans. One of the most important checks and balances that we have is for our politicians to filibuster a bill that they think will harm our country. It ensures that a party won’t go rogue and force their ideologies down the throats of Americans, and it gives politicians the chance to have their constituents voices heard. While this institution used to be part of the fabric of American political systems (Anyone Seen Mr. Smith Goes To Washington?), it is now coming under attack by Obama and the Democrats.

The Senate Democrats just showed their support for something called the nuclear option. Under this new rule, a filibuster can be stopped by a Senate majority of 51 votes instead of the current 60 votes. Therefore, whatever party is in power gets to override filibusters for certain situations. Obama and liberals want to use this to make it simpler to get nominees passed, and it shows that power is their number one priority. After all, they are changing a basic tool of the checks and balances of the political systems on a whim to cater to their own interests.

Only a few years ago, things were different though. According to CNN, Obama and other liberals did not want the nuclear option to be implemented when the Republicans had control. They even talked about how awful it was that Republicans even thought about it. Nowadays, they have changed their tune on the issue, and they are supporting it because they are the ones who are in power. It’s hypocritical, but, then again, it’s politics.

That’s why we, as conservatives, must stand up for the checks and balances that our forefathers put in by our forefathers to protect our liberties. While the Democrats are the ones who are trying to implement it now, our party did it a few years ago, but no matter what party tries to pass it, it is fundamentally wrong. After all, if we changed laws we didn’t like just because it was convenient at the time, we would be living in a rogue society. That is not what I, or most people want, and only by protecting the basic checks and balances in our government that we can give our children and grandchildren a land where they can live with the same freedoms that we have been given.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Cucinelli Out, Christie Back In: What Last Night Election Results Mean For The Future Of Republicans

    It was a landslide victory for Chris Christie in New Jersey, as he beat out his Democratic incumbent to reclaim the Governorship. The charismatic man had just come off the heels of not fighting against his state’s passage of gay marriage, and this surprisingly didn’t affect his poll numbers. Instead, he won without a hitch, and he proved that Republicans still have a chance if they remain relevant. Unfortunately, an out of date politician down in Virginia cost Republicans a loss. 

      Ken Cucinell had it out for a majority of the people in his state. This sex negative politician railed against not only sodomy, but oral sex and other sexual acts that did not produce offspring. Being in the 18th century turned young voters off, and, in fact, it may have turned some traditional conservative voters off. After all, I was raised Southern Baptist, and they didn’t even rail against oral sex if it occurred within a marriage. In the end, it cost him the election, and a Democrat is now governor of Virginia. 

      While some conservatives blame lack of funding and a third party candidate who split the vote, I think that they are just being ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that Cucinelli is a throwback to the 1800s, and that just doesn’t fly with today’s middle aged or young generations. There are other matters of course, such as the government shutdown that halted parts of Virginia outside of D.C. last month, but I believe if Cucinelli would have been less anti-sex and more anti big government, that he may have just won the election. 

        So going forward, I hope this gives a message to our party that we need to get up with the times. This is not the 1950’s, and Americans are not going to be voting for people who want to infringe on the personal lives of American citizens. We need to instead spread a message of limited government in every way possible, including not getting into people sex lives, and we may just have a chance to get our party back. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 

In other news, New York elected its first Democratic Mayor Bill DeBlassio 

Liar, Liar: How Obama Lied To Get Obamacare Passed

The year was 2009, and Obama was trying desperately to get his signature health care reform bill passed. Washington politicians fought fiercely to have their voices heard, and Democrats tried to assure Americans that the health care bill wouldn’t jeopardize their lives. At the helm was Obama, who promised that Americans could keep their health insurance plans if they wanted to. He said that no one needs to worry about having to find a new plan if they already had one.  With this assurance, many Americans happily accepted the new health care plan as a law of the land.

Four years later, the health care law is about to go into affect. Americans are purchasing plans to get health care, and Obama’s promise still stands. That is, except for the fact that it doesn’t. Millions of Americans are getting notices that their health care plans are being cancelled, and it is causing them to scramble to find new health plans. Obama’s promise has turned into a lie because health care companies are changing policies to try to get as much money as they can, and Obama knew that this was going to happen. He went on ahead though and lied to get his bill passed.

As Americans are panicking and realizing how much of a liar Obama is, he is backtracking his statement. Now, he is stating that what he meant was that Americans could keep their plans if the insurance companies decided to continue the policies. He didn’t mention that he knew full well that the bill would have insurance companies cancelling policies left and right, and that Americans would have to feel the brunt of the his lie. But, as I’ve said before, he doesn’t care because he only care about getting what he wants done, and he doesn’t care who he has to trample on in order to succeed.

So, as the date for forced socialist medicine gets closer and closer, we conservatives have one more reason to make our voices known about how we disapprove of such a measure happening in our country. It was passed through manipulations and lies, and the American people are having to suffer because of Obama’s blatant dishonesty. Hopefully this will help Americans to see that Democrats are taking our country down the wrong path, and that they need to vote for conservatives to get it going in the right direction once again.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Hunger Cliff?: How The Liberal Media Is Demonizing Those Who Want Food Stamp Reform

        The liberal media would like you to think that a travesty is happening in America. As of Friday, food stamp benefits were cut, and they want you to know that it is making Americans starve. It is ruining our country, according to them, and we need to fund money so that everyone who wants food stamps can have them. This, of course, is what they would like to think, but it is not the reality of what is going on with food stamps in this country.

       The fact is that the safety net that was put in place in this country to be just that, a safety net, is being abused. Just look at the countless reports of food stamp fraud in this country. I can recall a recent episode of “Stossel” on Fox News where he profiled a jobless surfer dude who refused to get a job because he could get food with his EBT card. He, I’m sure, is one of numerous cases of food stamp abuse that goes on this country every day. I personally know people who use food stamps even though they don’t need them, and I attended a college who taught students to get food stamps during orientation week. The system that was once a safety net has turned into a “Free” for all.

       I understand that there are people who are hardworking who rely on food stamps to get them through, and that’s why I feel we shouldn’t do away with food stamps all together. Al that I’m saying is that it needs to be reformed. People who use food stamps in order for them to stay jobless and hungry need to know that it isn’t ok, and that is why they need to reform the system.

       So as liberals talk about the imaginary “hunger cliff” in the next few days, I want you to remember that it is all a ploy to keep people abusing the system. If we don’t say no, it’s just going to get worse. With the growing deficit, this could cause major trouble and put our country at risk. So let’s stand up for responsibility and say that the food stamp program needs to be reformed. If we don’t, I fear for the future of our nation. 

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative