Hunger Cliff?: How The Liberal Media Is Demonizing Those Who Want Food Stamp Reform

        The liberal media would like you to think that a travesty is happening in America. As of Friday, food stamp benefits were cut, and they want you to know that it is making Americans starve. It is ruining our country, according to them, and we need to fund money so that everyone who wants food stamps can have them. This, of course, is what they would like to think, but it is not the reality of what is going on with food stamps in this country.

       The fact is that the safety net that was put in place in this country to be just that, a safety net, is being abused. Just look at the countless reports of food stamp fraud in this country. I can recall a recent episode of “Stossel” on Fox News where he profiled a jobless surfer dude who refused to get a job because he could get food with his EBT card. He, I’m sure, is one of numerous cases of food stamp abuse that goes on this country every day. I personally know people who use food stamps even though they don’t need them, and I attended a college who taught students to get food stamps during orientation week. The system that was once a safety net has turned into a “Free” for all.

       I understand that there are people who are hardworking who rely on food stamps to get them through, and that’s why I feel we shouldn’t do away with food stamps all together. Al that I’m saying is that it needs to be reformed. People who use food stamps in order for them to stay jobless and hungry need to know that it isn’t ok, and that is why they need to reform the system.

       So as liberals talk about the imaginary “hunger cliff” in the next few days, I want you to remember that it is all a ploy to keep people abusing the system. If we don’t say no, it’s just going to get worse. With the growing deficit, this could cause major trouble and put our country at risk. So let’s stand up for responsibility and say that the food stamp program needs to be reformed. If we don’t, I fear for the future of our nation. 

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative  


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