Liar, Liar: How Obama Lied To Get Obamacare Passed

The year was 2009, and Obama was trying desperately to get his signature health care reform bill passed. Washington politicians fought fiercely to have their voices heard, and Democrats tried to assure Americans that the health care bill wouldn’t jeopardize their lives. At the helm was Obama, who promised that Americans could keep their health insurance plans if they wanted to. He said that no one needs to worry about having to find a new plan if they already had one.  With this assurance, many Americans happily accepted the new health care plan as a law of the land.

Four years later, the health care law is about to go into affect. Americans are purchasing plans to get health care, and Obama’s promise still stands. That is, except for the fact that it doesn’t. Millions of Americans are getting notices that their health care plans are being cancelled, and it is causing them to scramble to find new health plans. Obama’s promise has turned into a lie because health care companies are changing policies to try to get as much money as they can, and Obama knew that this was going to happen. He went on ahead though and lied to get his bill passed.

As Americans are panicking and realizing how much of a liar Obama is, he is backtracking his statement. Now, he is stating that what he meant was that Americans could keep their plans if the insurance companies decided to continue the policies. He didn’t mention that he knew full well that the bill would have insurance companies cancelling policies left and right, and that Americans would have to feel the brunt of the his lie. But, as I’ve said before, he doesn’t care because he only care about getting what he wants done, and he doesn’t care who he has to trample on in order to succeed.

So, as the date for forced socialist medicine gets closer and closer, we conservatives have one more reason to make our voices known about how we disapprove of such a measure happening in our country. It was passed through manipulations and lies, and the American people are having to suffer because of Obama’s blatant dishonesty. Hopefully this will help Americans to see that Democrats are taking our country down the wrong path, and that they need to vote for conservatives to get it going in the right direction once again.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


One thought on “Liar, Liar: How Obama Lied To Get Obamacare Passed

  1. 14) The First Amendment does not preclude the regulation of some intentionally false speech, even if it is political in nature. As the Supreme Court of the United States has recognized, `[t]hat speech is used as a tool for political ends does not automatically bring it under the protective mantle of the Constitution. For the use of the known lie as a tool is at once at odds with the premises of democratic government and with the orderly manner in which economic, social, or political change is to be effected … . Hence the knowingly false statement and the false statement made with reckless disregard of the truth, do not enjoy constitutional protection.’. Garrison v. Louisiana, 379 U.S. 64, 75 (1964).

    This is the language in one of the Bills that Barack sponsored in a bill while he was a senator!

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