Cucinelli Out, Christie Back In: What Last Night Election Results Mean For The Future Of Republicans

    It was a landslide victory for Chris Christie in New Jersey, as he beat out his Democratic incumbent to reclaim the Governorship. The charismatic man had just come off the heels of not fighting against his state’s passage of gay marriage, and this surprisingly didn’t affect his poll numbers. Instead, he won without a hitch, and he proved that Republicans still have a chance if they remain relevant. Unfortunately, an out of date politician down in Virginia cost Republicans a loss. 

      Ken Cucinell had it out for a majority of the people in his state. This sex negative politician railed against not only sodomy, but oral sex and other sexual acts that did not produce offspring. Being in the 18th century turned young voters off, and, in fact, it may have turned some traditional conservative voters off. After all, I was raised Southern Baptist, and they didn’t even rail against oral sex if it occurred within a marriage. In the end, it cost him the election, and a Democrat is now governor of Virginia. 

      While some conservatives blame lack of funding and a third party candidate who split the vote, I think that they are just being ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that Cucinelli is a throwback to the 1800s, and that just doesn’t fly with today’s middle aged or young generations. There are other matters of course, such as the government shutdown that halted parts of Virginia outside of D.C. last month, but I believe if Cucinelli would have been less anti-sex and more anti big government, that he may have just won the election. 

        So going forward, I hope this gives a message to our party that we need to get up with the times. This is not the 1950’s, and Americans are not going to be voting for people who want to infringe on the personal lives of American citizens. We need to instead spread a message of limited government in every way possible, including not getting into people sex lives, and we may just have a chance to get our party back. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 

In other news, New York elected its first Democratic Mayor Bill DeBlassio 


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