Power Trip: How Democrats’ Nuclear Option Proves Their Love Of Power, Lack Of Respect For The American People

Checks and balances are important to the freedom that we have as Americans. One of the most important checks and balances that we have is for our politicians to filibuster a bill that they think will harm our country. It ensures that a party won’t go rogue and force their ideologies down the throats of Americans, and it gives politicians the chance to have their constituents voices heard. While this institution used to be part of the fabric of American political systems (Anyone Seen Mr. Smith Goes To Washington?), it is now coming under attack by Obama and the Democrats.

The Senate Democrats just showed their support for something called the nuclear option. Under this new rule, a filibuster can be stopped by a Senate majority of 51 votes instead of the current 60 votes. Therefore, whatever party is in power gets to override filibusters for certain situations. Obama and liberals want to use this to make it simpler to get nominees passed, and it shows that power is their number one priority. After all, they are changing a basic tool of the checks and balances of the political systems on a whim to cater to their own interests.

Only a few years ago, things were different though. According to CNN, Obama and other liberals did not want the nuclear option to be implemented when the Republicans had control. They even talked about how awful it was that Republicans even thought about it. Nowadays, they have changed their tune on the issue, and they are supporting it because they are the ones who are in power. It’s hypocritical, but, then again, it’s politics.

That’s why we, as conservatives, must stand up for the checks and balances that our forefathers put in by our forefathers to protect our liberties. While the Democrats are the ones who are trying to implement it now, our party did it a few years ago, but no matter what party tries to pass it, it is fundamentally wrong. After all, if we changed laws we didn’t like just because it was convenient at the time, we would be living in a rogue society. That is not what I, or most people want, and only by protecting the basic checks and balances in our government that we can give our children and grandchildren a land where they can live with the same freedoms that we have been given.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


One thought on “Power Trip: How Democrats’ Nuclear Option Proves Their Love Of Power, Lack Of Respect For The American People

  1. The reason the rule change became necessary is because Senators from both parties have increasingly blocked nominees not for merit-based reasons, but “just because”. It should have been changed back in 2005, when Dems were blocking Bush nominees on purely political grounds. Since one factor influencing how people vote is the trust that if elected, that president will be able to choose personnel for courts, cabinet and departments, Senators blocking nominations without cause crosses far beyond the “advice and consent” line. It’s a cowardly attempt to nullify the voters’ choice of a chief executive.

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