Apples And Oranges: “Duck Dynasty” Problems And Freedom Of Speech

     We’ve all heard the hype about “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson expressing his views on homosexuality. While it may have been a bit crude, conservatives like to point out that freedom of speech is guaranteed in America. Therefore, they find it appalling that A&E let him go from their network. From Sarah Palin to Bobby Jindal, conservative after conservative are saying that it is wrong for the A&E Network to suspend Mr. Robertson.

      While I agree that Robertson had the right to say what he did, I also feel like A&E has the right to suspend him or fire him if they feel like it is in the network’s best interest. Companies, especially TV networks, have to make sure that their shows get watched, and if a star expresses an unpopular opinion that may affect the ratings, the network should have the right to let them go. 

    Now, the problem is going to be if firing Phil Robertson backfires. Now, that’s when the network will have an interesting decision on their hands. They can either hire Robertson back on and face the backlash of the gay community or they can still suspend him and lose viewers. While no one knows what the outcome of a situation like that would be, the fact of the matter is that A&E has the constitutional right to do as they see fit. 

      That’s why conservatives cannot say A&E suspending Phil Robertson is violating his freedom of speech. They are a private company who can do what they want, and telling them they can’t is violating their FREEDOM to do as they please. Now, if the government censored Robertson’s comments, that’s a whole different story, but they didn’t. Therefore, using freedom of speech in this instance in an invalid argument because federal censorship of speech is different than a company censoring their employees actions when those actions will affect the gains and losses of that company. 

       So, going forward, feel free to express your outrage over Robertson’s suspension. Just don’t use freedom of speech as the basis of your argument. Doing so would take away the rights of companies to act freely, and it will show your ignorance of the Constitution. After all, those who know the Constitution know that Phil Robertson’s suspension and the right to free speech under the Constitution are like apples and oranges. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


Forget The Outrage: Why It Shouldn’t Matter What Color Jesus, Santa, Or Anyone Else Is This Christmas

   With Christmas less than a week away, another holiday controversy has erupted. While “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” has been a topic for years now, a new controversy has erupted. What color is Santa? And, for that matter, what color was Jesus? This all started when an African American writer over at Slate, Aisha Harris, stated that she feels that making Santa a white man neglects all other races, and, therefore, makes non-white children feel like they are not being represented. This caused Megyn Kelly over at Fox News  to do a tongue and cheek segment on the issue, and she made a comment in the segment that said that Jesus and Santa are both white men. This, in turn, caused the liberal media to erupt, and now it’s a huge issue. People are calling Kelly names for her humorous segment, and the controversy over black Santa vs. white Santa and black Jesus vs. white Jesus is becoming a huge, unnecessary issue. 

        The simple fact of the matter, and this is only my opinion, is that what race Jesus or Santa are should not really matter. Yes, Jesus was Jewish and St. Nicholas was probably of Turkish decent, but both of these men probably don’t give on iota what you think their race was. Take Jesus. He was here to spread a message of love and understanding, and he wanted people to radically change the way they lived their lives to become better human beings. Whether he was black, white, or purple was never addressed in the Bible, and that’s because he probably didn’t care. His message was for all people, and therefore his inclusive message didn’t address what race he was. 

        When it comes to Santa, he is there to give kids there gifts and go. Whether he is white, black, Latin, Asian, or any other ethnicity doesn’t matter to kids once they get their gifts, and there are children of all different races who have their own unique Santa in their home. Whether or not Megyn Kelly or Aisha Harris set a definitive race for Santa, these kids will still have their own representation of the most famous man in a red suit because that’s what their parents are going to show them. That’s the beauty of America, we are able to have our own traditions and speak our own truths because we are granted the freedom to do so, and others are allowed to agree or disagree. So this Christmas, cherish Jesus as the reason for the season and keep family and friends close because, after all, what color Jesus or Santa are does not affect the true meaning of Christmas. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 

The Angry Man Network: How Alec Baldwin And Martin Bashir Had To Leave MSNBC For Being Just Plain Mean

Remember the bully on the playground as a kid. They said whatever they want about anybody they wanted, and they never felt like they would have to face the consequences. They were mean to the core, and they didn’t care who knew it.. Well, those kids have grown up and they all have gone to work at MSNBC, the most liberal branch of the Peacock Network. Don’t believe me. Well, let me recap.

Alec Baldwin got caught allegedly dropping the f word twice in a matter of months, and I mean the one that is derogatory to gays. I say allegedly because while he can’t remember what he said, he’s certain that it’s not the “F'” word. The first time, MSNBC let him keep his show, and all went well. When he allegedly used the same term a few months later towards a paparazzi, MSNBC had no choice but to cancel his show because the GLBT community stood up and said enough is enough. Disgruntled, he left the network, and the network got to keep their squeaky liberal image. Well, some of it has faded because they let him get away with using it once because he is a liberal, but, to liberals, that’s perfectly okay.

Then we have Martin Bashir. The MSNBC host has said controversial things in the past, but a few weeks ago he reached an all-time low after he stated that someone should defecate into Sarah Palin’s mouth. Even though he may not agree with her politically, the comments he made were downright disgraceful, and it proved that he needs to work on being a better human being. For a few weeks MSNBC tried to see if they could save Bashir’s spot at the network, and they told people that he was on vacation. That was good and well for awhile, but as the backlash grew, Bashir had to do something. Today, he announced his resignation from the network.

These two just go to show the  hypocrisy of MSNBC. They preach tolerance and love, but then they hire people like these two who are filled with hate and vitriol. Using the “F” word is certainly not going to advance the cause of gay marriage or GLBT rights, and what Martin Bashir said about Sarah Palin is not going to do anything to help any liberal cause whatsoever. If MSNBC would realize this, they could maybe try to make their network practice what it preaches (cue openly gay MSNBC journalist Thomas Roberts going to anti-gay Russia to make a quick buck and gain more Twitter followers). They won’t do this though because they care about getting viewers to watch their network. That’s why an Alec Baldwin and Martin Bashir were kept around for so long in spite of their mean streaks, and that’s why they will do similar things in the future.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Thanksgiving Is Over, Time For The War On Christmas

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I hope you ate well and got caught up on sleep because, conservatives, we have to get ready for the War On Christmas. Ever since the liberals took over everything from the White House to Hollywood, religious liberties have slowly been stripped away, and the pinnacle of this can be seen in the War On Christmas that has been taking over America since sometime shortly after Kennedy got elected. With the help of corporations and the liberal media, they have succeeded in getting this past. Well, it’s time for us to fight back and reclaim our “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”.  It will be a harsh fight, but I know that we can win it by sticking together against those heathens who would rather us say “Happy Holidays”.

Well, that’s how most conservative bloggers out there would characterize the “War On Christmas”, but I am different than them. I have friends of all religions including, but not limited to, atheists, those of the Jewish faith, pagans, and others. We all celebrate our holidays this month in our own individual ways, and no one has a problem with the other celebrating the holiday that belongs to their particular faith. As conservatives, we need to learn how to do this more. You know, live together in harmony with others. Yes, we can still have strong opinions, but we just can’t prevent them from trying to hush the opinions of others because, after all, freedom of speech is a basic principle of our country.

I say all this to say, what is all the hoopla about? I am not going to get offended if the sales clerk at my local store wishes me “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” mainly because I am strong in my faith, and them telling me “Happy Holidays” is not going to lessen my faith one iota. At the same time, I’m not going to say that those of us who are Christians shouldn’t say “Merry Christmas” at all because we should have that right just as others should have the right to wish anybody they want “Happy Hanukkah”, “Wonderful Solstice”, or anything else they wish because we all have freedom of speech and should be able to use it.

So imagine, a world where we could wish anybody a great holiday, regardless of their faith. Whether it be Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Solstice, we could wish everybody great luck and a good holiday, and we would all be okay with it. It would be a great world, and there would be no need for people to complain about a so-called “War On Christmas”. After all, with all the trouble going on throughout the world, one less war would be a great thing in my humble opinion.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

And Happy Hanukkah to everyone out there!