The Angry Man Network: How Alec Baldwin And Martin Bashir Had To Leave MSNBC For Being Just Plain Mean

Remember the bully on the playground as a kid. They said whatever they want about anybody they wanted, and they never felt like they would have to face the consequences. They were mean to the core, and they didn’t care who knew it.. Well, those kids have grown up and they all have gone to work at MSNBC, the most liberal branch of the Peacock Network. Don’t believe me. Well, let me recap.

Alec Baldwin got caught allegedly dropping the f word twice in a matter of months, and I mean the one that is derogatory to gays. I say allegedly because while he can’t remember what he said, he’s certain that it’s not the “F'” word. The first time, MSNBC let him keep his show, and all went well. When he allegedly used the same term a few months later towards a paparazzi, MSNBC had no choice but to cancel his show because the GLBT community stood up and said enough is enough. Disgruntled, he left the network, and the network got to keep their squeaky liberal image. Well, some of it has faded because they let him get away with using it once because he is a liberal, but, to liberals, that’s perfectly okay.

Then we have Martin Bashir. The MSNBC host has said controversial things in the past, but a few weeks ago he reached an all-time low after he stated that someone should defecate into Sarah Palin’s mouth. Even though he may not agree with her politically, the comments he made were downright disgraceful, and it proved that he needs to work on being a better human being. For a few weeks MSNBC tried to see if they could save Bashir’s spot at the network, and they told people that he was on vacation. That was good and well for awhile, but as the backlash grew, Bashir had to do something. Today, he announced his resignation from the network.

These two just go to show the  hypocrisy of MSNBC. They preach tolerance and love, but then they hire people like these two who are filled with hate and vitriol. Using the “F” word is certainly not going to advance the cause of gay marriage or GLBT rights, and what Martin Bashir said about Sarah Palin is not going to do anything to help any liberal cause whatsoever. If MSNBC would realize this, they could maybe try to make their network practice what it preaches (cue openly gay MSNBC journalist Thomas Roberts going to anti-gay Russia to make a quick buck and gain more Twitter followers). They won’t do this though because they care about getting viewers to watch their network. That’s why an Alec Baldwin and Martin Bashir were kept around for so long in spite of their mean streaks, and that’s why they will do similar things in the future.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


3 thoughts on “The Angry Man Network: How Alec Baldwin And Martin Bashir Had To Leave MSNBC For Being Just Plain Mean

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