Forget The Outrage: Why It Shouldn’t Matter What Color Jesus, Santa, Or Anyone Else Is This Christmas

   With Christmas less than a week away, another holiday controversy has erupted. While “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” has been a topic for years now, a new controversy has erupted. What color is Santa? And, for that matter, what color was Jesus? This all started when an African American writer over at Slate, Aisha Harris, stated that she feels that making Santa a white man neglects all other races, and, therefore, makes non-white children feel like they are not being represented. This caused Megyn Kelly over at Fox News  to do a tongue and cheek segment on the issue, and she made a comment in the segment that said that Jesus and Santa are both white men. This, in turn, caused the liberal media to erupt, and now it’s a huge issue. People are calling Kelly names for her humorous segment, and the controversy over black Santa vs. white Santa and black Jesus vs. white Jesus is becoming a huge, unnecessary issue. 

        The simple fact of the matter, and this is only my opinion, is that what race Jesus or Santa are should not really matter. Yes, Jesus was Jewish and St. Nicholas was probably of Turkish decent, but both of these men probably don’t give on iota what you think their race was. Take Jesus. He was here to spread a message of love and understanding, and he wanted people to radically change the way they lived their lives to become better human beings. Whether he was black, white, or purple was never addressed in the Bible, and that’s because he probably didn’t care. His message was for all people, and therefore his inclusive message didn’t address what race he was. 

        When it comes to Santa, he is there to give kids there gifts and go. Whether he is white, black, Latin, Asian, or any other ethnicity doesn’t matter to kids once they get their gifts, and there are children of all different races who have their own unique Santa in their home. Whether or not Megyn Kelly or Aisha Harris set a definitive race for Santa, these kids will still have their own representation of the most famous man in a red suit because that’s what their parents are going to show them. That’s the beauty of America, we are able to have our own traditions and speak our own truths because we are granted the freedom to do so, and others are allowed to agree or disagree. So this Christmas, cherish Jesus as the reason for the season and keep family and friends close because, after all, what color Jesus or Santa are does not affect the true meaning of Christmas. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


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