Into the Future: Does Rand Paul Have What It Takes To Be The Republican Nominee In 2016?

CPAC was this week, and top conservatives came out to see what the future of the party would be.From Sarah Palin remixing “Green Eggs And Ham” to hot talk on social issues, it sure was an interesting event. CPAC ended though with a vote to see who those in attendance would make the best candidate in 2016. When all was said and done, Rand Paul from Kentucky was voted as most likely to be the Republican nominee the next election cycle.

But does Rand have what it takes to hold this title? The fact of the matter is that the demographics of the Republican party are changing, and Rand Paul and his hardcore libertarian approach may not sit well with some of the more traditional conservative. After all, I know many hardcore Republicans who stayed home during the last election because Mitt Romney was too liberal for their liking. We don’t want to risk such an incident happening once again because it could cost us to lose the election.

At the same time though, there are more fiscal conservatives who are liberal on social issues joining the party, and Rand Paul has a history of being pretty conservative on these issues. This too will hurt our chances of taking the White House the next election cycle. So, to me, it looks like Rand Paul will not make a good candidate in 2016. But who will?

Well, to be honest, I see no one in our party who will make a great candidate. This is mainly due to the fact that most Republicans want to stay in the 20th century when times are changing. They don’t care if they lose elections in the process. On one hand, I have to commend them for standing up for what they believe the nation should be like, but I also have to criticize them because they are never going to be able to make a change if they continue to lose elections.

So here’s where I am asking for your help. Give me ideas for who you think should be the Republican candidate in 2016? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and, as always

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


A Story Of Self Defense? : Marissa Alexander Faces Possible Life Sentence For “Warning Shots”

       Marissa Alexander may be a name that is unfamiliar to you. After all, her story isn’t in the news as much as some. You should become acquainted with her story though, as it shows the total lack of stupidity that is going into affect when it comes to obtrusive gun laws in our nation. In fact, her story is so poignant that it may make you (liberals out there) rethink what you think about guns and self defense all together. 

       According to Alexander, she was abused both emotionally and physically by her husband for years. After countless times of encountering abuse at the hands of her husband, she decided to get away. She tried to flee, but things quickly escalated. Her husband allegedly got aggressive. This caused Alexander to take a gun and fire shots in the air to warn her husband that she had had enough. Her children were present, but the shots didn’t hurt anyone. They were simply warning shots. 

      So what did the state of Florida do to this woman who was trying to escape from the arms of abuse? They prosecuted her for using a gun during the incident. It has sparked outrage among many.Especially since they are now trying to give her 60 years behind bars.

        While the story to some looks clear, others believe that Alexander tried to intentionally kill her husband and missed. They say she just made up the part about the warning shot after her shot missed. Therefore, she should face jail time. To me though, whether one scenario or another occurred, I think that this brings up a point about guns and gun control.

        Liberals love to blame guns for all sorts of problems. Yet, they are defending Alexander in this instance because she was an abused woman who defended herself. Yet, without guns, she would not have had the capability to leave the man who abused her. Doesn’t this prove that guns have a place in our society? Liberals are mum on that issue, but I think that the answer to that question is  resounding “Yes”. Guns are useful for everything from hunting, to sport, to defending your home and self against anyone who would cause you any harm. In this case, I think that liberals would have a hard time admitting that battered women shouldn’t have access to tools, including guns, to defend themselves from otherwise helpless situations. 

          So, as I finish up this article, I just want to put a plea out there to liberals. Own the fact that guns do have a place in our society. Imagining a gun free world, might be nice, but it is unrealistic. In fact, it could cause more harm than good. So look at Alexander and her situation and logically rethink your position. I think it will make you see gun control in a new light. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 

Don’t Talk Smack: How Sarah Palin Schooled Liberals Almost Five Years Ago About Russia And The Ukraine

(Image Via

   Liberals love to talk smack about conservatives. It’s in their very DNA. Four years ago, Sarah Palin made a remark that Russia would probably invade Ukraine if Barack Obama became President because Obama didn’t take a stand of any sort when Russia decided to clash with Georgia. This prompted an editor at Foreign policy magazine, Blake Hounshell, to pretty much say that Palin was absolutely nuts for saying that a scenario of a Russian invasion of Ukraine was likely if Obama were to become President. Fast forward to current day, and Russia is pretty much let the world know that an invasion of Ukraine is inevitable. 

     So, what did the liberals do upon hearing about Sarah Palin’s predictions? They went into high gear and defended their position with dignity and class. Just kidding. They suddenly went mum on the issue. Politico, the company Hounshell now works for, has said nothing about the fact that their editor made the comments because, after all, liberals are never wrong. At least, they’ll never admit it if they are. So they just swept it under the rug, and Sarah Palin never got the credit for being 100 percent correct on the issue. 

     Well, I take that back. Conservative media outlets, such as, pointed out the issue, and Sarah Palin did boast a little bit about it on social media. I don’t blame her though. For as much as the media has hammered her over the years, she needs to let them know that she won’t sit silently, especially when she’s completely right about a major issue such as a war in the Baltic states. So, I say, congratulations to Sarah Palin for being right, and shame on the liberals who won’t even give her the credit that she has earned. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 

Olympic Aftermath: Does The World Hold Some Responsibility For The Bloodshed In Ukraine?

Russia can’t seem to stay out of the headlines lately. From it homophobic laws,to its Olympic mishaps, to its invasion of a sovereign nation, Russia is trying to rehang the iron curtain like never before. While many condemn the country’s current actions, they were singing a different tune a few weeks ago during the Olympics. Now they are calling out for Russia to stop its invasion of Ukraine, but did they have something to do with the invasion? It may sound like an outlandish question,  but let me to hatch out a point.

After all, that Olympic boycott that was supposed to get Russia to shape up on its bigoted laws never happened, and many American media outlets touted Russia’s greatness during the games.  Therefore, Putin and other Russians saw it as an example of how they could do whatever they want without repercussions. Now,  as Russia invades part of the Ukraine, raising its flag at airports and government buildings, they still are in the same mind set that they were during the Olympics, that of being a country which behaves in the most indignant and heinous manners and faces no consequences.

The one and only way to remedy the situation, I believe is to put our foot down as loudly as we can. If this means sanctions, so be it. If it means war, then bring it on. After all, having the Baltic region unsteady is not good for anyone, including U.S. national security. This is due to the fact that situations like that breed extremists, and the last thing we need is another Middle East on our hands. So, as we go forward, I say that Putin and the citizens who support his actions in his miserable country need to shape up, or else we’ll show up on his door step ready to fight his agenda of tyranny and oppression.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative