Don’t Talk Smack: How Sarah Palin Schooled Liberals Almost Five Years Ago About Russia And The Ukraine

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   Liberals love to talk smack about conservatives. It’s in their very DNA. Four years ago, Sarah Palin made a remark that Russia would probably invade Ukraine if Barack Obama became President because Obama didn’t take a stand of any sort when Russia decided to clash with Georgia. This prompted an editor at Foreign policy magazine, Blake Hounshell, to pretty much say that Palin was absolutely nuts for saying that a scenario of a Russian invasion of Ukraine was likely if Obama were to become President. Fast forward to current day, and Russia is pretty much let the world know that an invasion of Ukraine is inevitable. 

     So, what did the liberals do upon hearing about Sarah Palin’s predictions? They went into high gear and defended their position with dignity and class. Just kidding. They suddenly went mum on the issue. Politico, the company Hounshell now works for, has said nothing about the fact that their editor made the comments because, after all, liberals are never wrong. At least, they’ll never admit it if they are. So they just swept it under the rug, and Sarah Palin never got the credit for being 100 percent correct on the issue. 

     Well, I take that back. Conservative media outlets, such as, pointed out the issue, and Sarah Palin did boast a little bit about it on social media. I don’t blame her though. For as much as the media has hammered her over the years, she needs to let them know that she won’t sit silently, especially when she’s completely right about a major issue such as a war in the Baltic states. So, I say, congratulations to Sarah Palin for being right, and shame on the liberals who won’t even give her the credit that she has earned. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


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