Let’s Not Start: Why Conservatives Need Not To Sue Obama

Today, conservatives announced that they are going to sue Barack Obama over his tendency to sign executive orders. The charge, led by John Boehner and Michelle Bachmann would be the first of its kind in our nation’s history, and it is meant to make sure that future presidents stay within the restraints of the law while governing the land.   The thing is though, it looks like Republicans will be on the losing in, and, therefore, Republicans should leave good enough alone.

After all, President Bush was swift to sign executive orders (remember all the post 9/11 stuff), and, if a Republican ever comes into power, they are going to have to live with whatever decision the judge rules in this case. Also, if suing Obama does work, it will let Americans know that the Republican party is extremely hypocritical and lacking in morality. With 2016 fast approaching, and no frontrunners coming out of the party, this will only hurt the Republican Party’s chances of making any leeway in becoming relevant to the American public. Because, let’s face it, if there’s anything that the Republican Party has become lately, it’s irrelevant.

So, as we go ahead in the next few days, my advice to Boehner, Bachmann, and all the other Republican freaks out there, is this. Calm down! You have caused the Republican Party enough embarrassment, and this will only further humiliate and hurt the party. Suing Obama is not going to accomplish bringing relevance to the party or somehow magically get your extreme conservative views to pass as mainstream (thank goodness).  It will only hurt you, and make you look like the hypocritical village idiots of the party that you are.

May God Bless America (cause we’re going to need it),

The Generation X Conservative