Ferguson Update: No Indictment For Darren Wilson In Death of Michael Brown

(Via hollywoodlife.com)

After three months of testimony and a twenty minute or so delay from the prosecutor, the jury has handed down its decision in the shooting death of Michael Brown. From the beginning of the press conference, it was apparent to me what the verdict would be, as the prosecutor made a point that the witness testimony that said Michael Brown was shot in the back nine times by Darren Wilson was not completely true. Then came the news that no charges would be filed against Darren Wilson, and the world waited to see what violence would erupt from the decision. Immediately, reports came out that protestors grew rowdy as they threw objects at police cars and shouted obscenities. Other protestors continued doing the right thing by protesting peacefully. What’s your take on all of this? Do you think Darren Wilson should have been indicted? Feel free to let me know.