About The Generation X Conservative

The Generation X Conservative is a blog that I began after I could not find a representation of my conservative beliefs in the media. There are conservative talking heads on TV, but they don’t really represent the libertarian approach that focuses on small government in every sense of the word. Instead, I see political talking heads that try to force their religious and moral beliefs on Americans when America was founded on a government where people could be free to believe and live the way they want. This blog, I hope, will be a place where I can remedy this problem and give a voice to my generation of conservatives. While, technically, I am a millennial, I call this blog The Generation X Conservative because I feel like X stands for the unknown and unheard, and young conservatives who are breaking away from some of the more old school ideals of the party are some of the most overlooked, while simultaneously being the most criticized, voices in the modern political landscape.  While it is a conservative blog, all opinions are welcome. After all, freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Constitution, and I would hate to censor anyone’s rights. So let your opinions about what you want for the world to be heard because I certainly will, and I hope that you enjoy.

The Generation X Conservative


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