Abortion Wars: With Stricter Laws Starting Across U.S., Abortion Activists Are Getting Desperate

   The fact is, abortion is becoming a lot harder to do in certain parts of the country. With states such as Texas and North Carolina passing tough laws that crack down on late term abortions, those who, like me, are in the pro-life camp have a lot to be glad about. Meanwhile, the men and women of this country who support abortion are becoming more and more desperate to preserve an institution that is slowly starting to become considered heinous by many. These individuals are doing everything within their power to save the abortion practice, and many are making themselves look bad in the process. 

   Take, for instance, the case of Salon.com. The liberal institution has been singing the praises of abortion advocates even when they say horrible things about Christianity and those who disagree with them in the process. This went way too far when they recently profiled a girl who held up a sign that read “Jesus isn’t  a d#@! so keep him out of my vagina”. This story of inappropriateness was picked up by several conservative sites, including newsbusters.org and others who stated that they found the comment obscene. Of course, Salon attacked these organizations and defended the foul mouthed teenager because, to them, anyone who says anything about abortion should not be taken seriously, and, in most all cases, ridiculed. 

   Salon isn’t the only one who is shaking in their boots over the pro-life laws that are getting passed around their country. Jezebel, a feminist blog, is at it too, but they took it a step further. In covering a heartwarming story of a Catholic priest who saved a child with Downes Syndrome from being aborted by convincing the parents to keep their baby if he found suitable adoptive parents, Jezebel decided they were going to turn the priest and parents of the child as villains. They would have rather had the child be aborted than to have a positive story about alternatives to abortion anywhere on there site because they would never want to say that they supported the right of a child to live. 

   And then there’s all the liberal media who demonize the lawmakers who pass the bills against abortion. They demonize the lawmakers who get the bills against abortion passed, and they call the women who vote to have stricter abortion laws traitors. They are the worst of the worst, and they should be called out on their bias. For them though, they are all in it together, so they will never criticize one another for being supportive of an agenda. 

   So where does that leave the conservative movement? We must express our support for the lawmakers getting stricter on abortion by voting for them at the ballot box. We must also use social media, blogs, and whatever means we have to have our voices heard. After all, the voices of the millions of people who do not support abortion will easily drown out the view voices in the liberal media who are desperately seeking to have their heinous movement legitimized. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


Why Those Who Are Against Abortion Should Stand Up For Gay, Lesbian, And Single Parent Adoption Rights

Abortion is one of the biggest hot button issues of the days. While studies suggest that more conservative youth are switching their minds on the issue of gay marriage, the newest conservatives are more likely to be against abortion. in fact, a recent study showed that it was the attitude of a conservative’s youths parents that led to their feelings towards abortion. I, personally, don’t believe in abortion due to religious reasons, but I think that it is absurd at the same time that those who are against abortion are not supportive of adoption rights of GLBT people and single parent households.

After all, where will all those babies born to parents who do not want them go if abortion ever gets overturned? I don’t want to see them get peddled through the foster care system and given a life where they have to fight harder than those who were not placed up for adoption. Those who want to see babies who would be aborted live, like me, should also feel like they want to give them a fair shot at life, and those who don’t really has issues. Even thought I am a conservative, I must say, to some extent, I believe the old adage that conservatives care about you until your born and then they leave you to fend for yourself.

That’s what needs to change in our party. We need to realize that if we are to be a party that stands for life, we sure as heck need to stand for the right of kids to have a family in their lives once they are born.  This includes standing up for gay and lesbian adoption rights. After all, there have been no studies that have shown that gay couple raise any worse children than straight couples, and, in many instances,  studies have shown gays raise better children than their heterosexual counterparts. Just because some in the world don’t believe in gays and  lesbians doesn’t mean that we should reject these scientific studies and deprive children of loving families in the process.

The same goes for single parent households. Whether you want to believe it or not, adoption isn’t cheap, and any single person who adopts a child has to have sufficient financial resources in order to go through  the complex and expensive process of adoption. These individuals aren’t living paycheck to paycheck, and they, in most cases, have the means to raise a child. So there is one myth shattered about the “dangers of single parent adoption”. When it comes to the studies that have shown that children do better in two parent households, I believe them, but I also feel like a child is better with one parent than no parents at all. To deprive these children of love just to affirm our beliefs is just wrong, and it shows the problems with our party.

That’s why, my fellow conservatives, I feel like we need to open up our  minds. We need to stop railing against the rights of people to adopt when it would give children loving families and, maybe, prevent abortions at the same time. We need to bring our party into the future, and that means sprinkling in a little bit more love and acceptance into our politics. If we do this, we can preserve our party for generations to come and, at the same time, be more respected by others.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Activist Judge And The FDA Make It Easier For Young Girls To Take The “Morning After” Abortion Pill

The United State Food and Drug Administration have once again stood up for the rights of women to terminate their unwanted children. This decision happened after a judge stated that he did not believe it was right for girls under the age of 17 to have to have a prescription for the “morning after” pill. He also stated that he thought that whoever wanted to take the Plan B pill should be able to do so without a prescription.  The Obama administration jumped on board the bandwagon today and stated that girls 15 and older should be able to get their hands on the pill without a prescription because it violated their rights. This is a travesty to the American justice system, and it takes away the rights of parents to raise their children the way that they see fit.

This ad is out of date. Now girls 15, not 17, and older don’t need a prescription. Another violation of parental rights and American liberties.
(Image Via planbonestep.com)

Since Roe vs. Wade, the nation has grown more and more supportive of the “right” of women to end the life of their children. It’s no coincidence that activist judges had to overturn the country’s ban on abortion, as most at the time did not support such a measure. Now, years down the road, this is another ruling that gives those who want to take away American citizens’ freedoms and the lives of unborn children more legitimacy than they need. Instead, they need to be told that terminating pregnancies means ending lives, and they should be a heck of  lot more thoughtful before making the decision to end the life of an unborn human being.

That’s not what’s happening though. Obama’s administration has made it so that young girls can buy the “morning after” abortion pill with the ease it takes to buy chewing gum or T-shirts. Additionally, lowering the age from 17 years to 15 years for a girl to be eligible to purchase the pill without a prescription infringes on the rights of their parents. What if, for instance, a girl’s mother did not support abortion due to her religious beliefs? Under the new ruling, the beliefs of the mother would not matter as it would be up to the girl, who could be as young as fifteen, to decide whether or not she wants to terminate her pregnancy. It is a sick violation of parental rights, and it shows just how much of an abortion lover Obama and his administration are.

Some of you may think that I am being a bit too harsh. I don’t think so. While you may argue that the “morning after” pill does not constitute abortion, that is not the main issue that I have with this ruling. The fact is,  parents should be able to tell their children what to do, and they should not have the federal government sending their kids mixed messages. Growing up,  my parents instilled values and morals in me and my siblings, and this helped us become the people we are today. Unfortunately, the next generation will have the government telling them that their parents’ opinions don’t matter, and this could lead to a generation full of spoiled, bratty kids the likes of which the world has not seen.

So let’s petition conservatives and those who believe that parents should be able to educate their children the way they see fit. Let’s write letters to the FDA and Judge Edward Korman and let them know that violating the rights of U.S. citizens is not what they were put in office to do. They were given their positions to protect our rights not take them away, but they are doing exactly that. So let’s stand up peacefully for ourselves so that the next generation of Americans won’t have less rights than we have.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Liberal Myth Number 1: People Who Are Against Abortion Are Against Women’s Rights

Recently, the battle for the right to life has taken an uphill turn as several states have instated laws that make it tougher for a woman to end the life of her unborn child. Up until this time, it has mostly been strong Christian states from the south who have begun to implement these laws, but now northern states are taking not. One such incident is a bill that is going through the Pennsylvania House that would not allow money from Obamacare to be used for abortion. As with any issue, liberals have there talking points….or lies, and this issue is no different.

Brian Sims (Image Via philly.com)

The representative to spread the liberal myth was Democratic congressman Ryan Sims. In the debate, Mr. Sims got up and announced that he was voting against the bill because, unlike other of his colleagues, he respected women. He then went on to tell his colleagues that they are voting based on the Bible, and that they should not do that. It was a bashing with words, but it is no strange coincidence when it comes to liberals trying to find a way to stand up for their lack of morals.

The fact is, that those who voted for the bill to pass simply did not want to see any more innocent babies lose their lives. While some may have cited religious reasons for their votes, I am sure that many also voted the way that they did in order to protect the liberties of their constituents. After all, forcing someone who believes the way I do, that abortion is murder, is one of the biggest slaps in the face to individual rights I can think of. So, I think that Mr. Sims should cool his temper tantrums down and realize that people have differing of opinions. That doesn’t mean they are against women’s rights, and for him to say such a thing is just absurd.

After all, think about all of those who voted for the measure to go through that were women. They are strong, powerful women who are great examples of feminism, but they just don’t agree with abortion. For Mr. Sims so say such a thing is a gross degradation of their character, and it shows that he is not for women the way that he states that he is in his speech.

Mr. Sims is not alone in this thinking though. There are countless numbers of liberals who spew this type of myth all over the world in order to vilify those who are against abortions. That’s why we conservatives need to stand strong in our beliefs even if it means we are called sexist. That way, we will not let the liberals win.

P.S. This is the link to Sims’ speech.


May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Gosnell Trial Reveals The Horrors of Abortion

At a courthouse in Philadelphia, more and more gory details are being exposed of what exactly was taking place behind the walls of a local abortion clinic run by Kermit Gosnell. As details emerge, it slowly gives us a picture of the sheer madman that Gosnell is as he killed live infants who had survived abortions and murdered numerous other children who were only weeks away from being born. While the news has not mentioned much about the trial of Gosnell, those of us who are following the trial are horrified every time more sickening details are released, and we wonder why the media does not want the rest of America to know the truth.

The answer to our question is simple though. Ever since the liberal revolution of the 1960s, the media has been aiding abortion supporters in legitimizing their cause. Today, the trend of political pundits supporting,and even glorifying, the practice of abortion has reached an all time high. This was clearly shown in when in the coverage of the murder of abortion provider George Tiller a few years ago.

While I don’t support murder in any case, the news coverage of Tiller’s homicide painted him as some sort of a hero to be worshiped. Liberal talking heads like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman devoted hours of coverage to what they painted as a heroic abortion doctor who stood up for women’s right. To me he was the opposite, but that’s because I knew the truth of who he truly was . All of this positive coverage ignored the fact that he performed illegal late term abortions that ended the lives of fully developed children. He performed some of the exact twisted acts that Gosnell did in Philadelphia, but he was given the title as a hero by the liberal media simply because they wanted to promote a positive image of abortion.

That is the same reason that they are staying mum about the monstrosities committed by Gosnell. They don’t want the American public to know about some of the demented things that abortion doctors do. To maintain the image of abortion as a woman’s right to choose is their top priority, and they do not want the American people to know that sometimes women choose to murder their newborn children. This would, after all, mean that limits would be put on abortion, and they would never want that to happen.

So what do we as conservatives need to do to ensure that stories as important as these get coverage? The answer is simple, we need to report it ourselves. We can do this by blogging, making videos on YouTube, and doing whatever else we can to draw attention to issues such as these. That way, we can have our voices heard and let the world know that we conservatives do have a voice.