Bradley Manning Getting Sentenced To 35 Years Gives Warning To Future Leakers

Bradley Manning received his sentence this morning. The twenty-five year old was found guilty of leaking classified information a few weeks ago, but he was found not guilty on the most serious charge of aiding the enemy. The prosecution want him to receive a 60 year sentence, and he could have gotten up to ninety years maximum. While many of his supporters wanted him to get a lesser sentence, his opponents wanted to see him get the maximum sentence, but neither of those things happened. The judge came back with a ruling of thirty-five years, and she made Manning eligible for parole after a third of his sentence. She also gave him time served which means he could be out in ten years.

I think that this was the perfect ruling since he did not seem to know the seriousness of his actions, and this makes him get punishment without taking away his whole life.While some of my fellow conservatives may think he should have been given a harsher sentence, the fact is that he did not fully understand the consequences of his actions, and that is why the judge gave him the sentence that he received. If he intentionally wanted to hurt U.S. soldiers, I feel that a ninety year sentence, or even the death penalty, would have been appropriate. The fact that he did not have bad motives for releasing the documents shows me that it was the right thing for the judge not to give him the full sentence.

And while this may be controversial to say, I must say that I have much more respect for Manning who stayed around to get his punishment than I do for Edward Snowden. Snowden ran away like a hypocrite, and he showed that he is truly the quint essential American wuss. Bradley Manning may have hurt this country, but he showed that he has the nerve enough to stick around and face a judge.  That’s why Manning should not be compared to Snowden. After all, Snowden never served a day in the military, and, when caught, started singing the praises of Hong Kong instead of the U.S.A.  That’s why it’s obvious, to me, that while they may have done the same thing that they certainly reacted to their punishment in two completely different manners, one like a man, the other a coward.

But what message does today’s sentence say to Snowden and other future leakers? I feel like it says that the government will no longer put up with its citizens putting the lives of the brave men and women of the military in jeopardy.  It says that the government is going to put away anyone who wants to risk the safety of the United States behind bars because our security should be number one. With the anniversary of 9/11 just a few weeks away, it is evident that not making our nation’s security our top priority can have serious consequences, and doing everything to prevent another attack on our troops or our land is crucial to preserving our nation for generations to come.  So beware those of you who are thinking of leaking confidential information, beware!

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


Insanity? Please!!!!: Ford Hood Shooter Nadal Hasan Should Be Sentenced To Death

The rampage at Fort Hood by Nadal Hasan is one of the worst terrorist acts carried out on our soil since September 11, 2001. With the trial of Nadal Hasan starting to gear up, some are saying that such a heinous act could only be carried out by somebody who was mentally ill. Even though he was found competent to stand trial, these messages still are out there, and they have me troubled. While it’s all nice and lovely to think about Hasan’s actions being carried out due to being plagued by mental illness, it was something totally different that caused him to murder thirteen individuals.

What plagued Hasan is the growing worldwide epidemic of Islamic extremism. After converting to his Muslim faith in the early 2000s, Hassan began to grow increasingly extreme in his religious views according to court documents. He enlisted into the military where he was up close and personal with the war on terrorism, and this caused him to be sympathetic to the cause of those who wanted to see America destroyed. He became a radicalized Muslim so much so that he decided that it was his job to commit a jihad against the brave men and women of the armed forces on their own soil.

That’s why i have no sympathy for Nadal Hasan. He is no better than the men and who crashed planes into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the field in Pennsylvania on 9/11. He is a terrorist and murderer, and his sanity should not even be an issue in the trial. He needs to be treated like someone  would be who was found launching grenades and shooting bullets on battlefields in Iraq in Afghanistan, and this means that he should be looking at one sentence when all is said and done. That would be a death sentence.

He has already confessed that he is the shooter, and it has been making headlines. To me, I think that this shows a certain pride that he took in being able to carry out the attack. After all, he follows extremist Islam, which teaches that those who kill non-Muslims will be rewarded in the afterlife, and he is therefore not ashamed of taking away the lives of thirteen innocent people. He may play like he is Mr. Remorseful on the stand, but I’m not buying that one little bit.

As the trial plays out, more and more is going to come to light about the life and beliefs of Nadal Hasan. It’s going to be interesting to see what the defense has to say about what drove him to his horrific actions, but I won’t buy whatever it is that they are selling. They are defending someone who is a terrorist who killed U.S. heroes.  These thirteen heroes are no longer with us because of this man, and the only way they will get justice is if Hasan has his life cut short just as he cut short all of their lives.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Not Guilty: Bradley Manning Cleared Of Aiding The Enemy

Today, a verdict was reached in the trial of Bradley Manning. The Private, who was tried for  a plethora of charges, was found not guilty of the biggest charge, aiding the enemy. While being found guilty on most other charges, this ruling cleared Bradley Manning of facing life in prison, but he still could get over 130 years from the charges he was convicted of. While the sentencing phase of the trial begins tomorrow, the verdict has people on both sides talking.

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One camp, those who support Manning are joyous over the verdict, but they still have hesitation that Manning was convicted of the other charges. Meanwhile, the other camp believes that Manning is a traitor who did not get his just desserts. No matter what, I think that this trial has had many Americans asking serious questions, and it has created an important dialogue.

One of those questions is how much power the government has in keeping confidential information versus how much the citizens of the United States have the right to know.  I, for one, believe there is a balancing act that has to be done, and it is important that U.S. citizens are factored into this balancing act. For instance, the fact that drones and phone taps are being used on U.S. citizens, as revealed by Edward Snowden, is something that we Americans have the right to know, but when it comes to information that could potentially aid our enemies, I believe that the government should be able to keep these confidential if necessary.

Another question that I have asked since I have heard the verdict is one that has not been covered in the media nearly enough. While imprisoned, Manning has been subjected to some treatment that is less than humane. This included being forced to strip naked every morning and being in solitary confinement for extreme amounts of time. To me, I believe that this was wrong, and this needs to be addressed in a serious matter so it does not happen again. After all, one never knows what the government can do if its citizens allow them to have unlimited power over the actions of their people.

Last but not least, I would just like to clarify that I do believe that Manning should face some type of punishment for his actions. He clearly knew that what he was doing was wrong, and, if he would have leaked more information than he did, he could have given troops fighting overseas serious troubles to deal with. At the same time, do I think that he, being as young as he is , face life in prison for his stupidity in putting other human beings’ lives at risk? Not really. That’s why I hope he is given a twenty or so year sentence when the judge makes her ruling. After all, there has to be some protection for people who want to stand up to things they find inappropriate in our government without fear of backlash.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Huffington Post: Giving A Voice To Terrorists And Enemy Combatants

As a conservative, I feel like I should be fully informed about my opinion so I read both conservative and liberal news. One of the liberal websites that I visit the most is Huffington Post because I feel that they are the true voice of the liberal movement. From defending Obama’s every move to bashing conservatives, The Huffington Post is truly the microphone for liberal America. While I disagree with a lot of the information on their website, most of the time I give them the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to ideology.


That was until yesterday. While I did my daily quick scanning of the site, I found an article entitled “A Letter From Guantanamo” that had me outraged. The letter, penned by Guantanamo Bay prisoner Abdelhadi Faraj, chronicled all the ways in which Mr. Faraj felt he had been mistreated since he had been imprisoned at the prison complex off of Cuba’s coast. He told stories of he and other prisoners having been victims of beatings and excessive and invasive medical checks, and he lamented on how cruel the United States government and the soldiers at Guantanamo Bay had been to him and his fellow inmates. At the end of the article, he states that he is going to continue with a hunger strike he has been doing until he gets everything he demands from the United States government.

To which I say, what demands? He and his fellow inmates are mostly terrorists and enemy combatants who have plotted attacks against the United States,and, in many cases, killed American soldiers on the battlefield. They should not be able to demand anything. Most of them, in fact, are scum, and they deserve to rot in those prison cells. After all, the men and women who have died at their hands don’t get a chance to even live because of these individuals, and they should be glad that the United States government is sparing them their lives.

In the meantime, The Huffington Post and other liberal media need to tell America both sides of the story. After all, they didn’t even reach out to the staff at Guantanamo Bay to respond to the accusations, and they treated Faraj’s letter as absolute truth. This shows where their priorities lie, and, to be honest, it makes me sick. They can defend Guantanamo Bay detainees, but they spew nothing but hatred at the men and women who protect their freedoms on a day to day basis.

So conservatives, it’s time to take actions. If this article makes you as angry as it has made me contact The Huffington Post and tell them that this article was not appropriate. Tell them that they need to realize that these people are not heroes, but they are completely the opposite. After all, this blog is read by many young people, and it may shape the way that they look at our troops and our enemies in a negative way. Only by speaking up can we try to stop this from indoctrinating the younger generations and give our future military members hope that they will be respected in future years.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Jodi Arias Sentencing Phase Brings Lots of Drama With It

Today Jodi Arias addressed the jury in her sentencing trial, and it was one for the record books. After being convicted of the murder of her boyfriend Travis Alexander, Arias stated that she wanted the death penalty, but she did a complete 180 today. Every news media in the outlet reported what she told the jury, and it was nothing short of bizarre. Here’s a little bit of what she told them.

Jodi Arias After Her Makeover. Will she lose the hair if she gets life in prison?
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A few days ago, Jodi Arias stated that “death would be the ultimate freedom”, but today she plead for life in prison. She stated that she wanted to use her prison time to teach people how to read and begged the jury to let her have the opportunity to help others. She even went as far as to say that she would shave off all of her hair in order to make wigs for children with terminal illnesses. It was truly a bizarre few minutes in the courtroom, and it left the nation wondering about what kind of person Jodi Arias truly is.

Personally, I think that Arias is an intelligent sociopath. She knows exactly what she is doing. I feel that she truly wants to be given the death penalty, but she is asking the jury for life in prison so that they will dole out the opposing punishment (which is what she actually wants). She has manipulated the media and others before, and she is doing the exact thing this time around. They may fulfill her wish and give her the death penalty, but only time will tell.

In the meantime, Jodi Arias will watch as Travis Alexander’s family and others testify in  the sentencing phase. She will not care what they have to say though. She may have apologized, but she only did this to benefit herself. Instead, she will wear her glasses, dark hair, and plain clothes she has been putting on to conceal the person she truly is and probably cherish the moment that she murdered Travis Alexander. That’s why I say whatever punishment that she does not want she should get.

Now it’s your turn to voice your opinion. Do you think Jodi Arias should receive life in prison, the death penalty, or should she have been found innocent? Please feel free to voice your opinions below. I approve every comment (except those that are discriminatory in nature, so feel free to say whatever is on your mind about this case.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

What’ Going On With Soccer Moms These Days? Carolina Woman Shoots Her Whole Familly

What is the world coming to? After I see certain news stories, I have to ask myself that question. From the evils of terrorism to the mass shootings that occur around the world, the world feels that is becoming a harder and harder place to live. This week, I asked myself this question once again when it was reported a mom from South Carolina had shot her two young children and husband. Her children died, and her husband is in critical condition in a South Carolina. This brought up several questions to me, and I am going to address them in this article.

The Two Victims.
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The question I have is what drove Suzanna Simpson, the woman mentioned above, to shoot her entire family. While she stated that wanting to kill herself and not being able to was what caused her to turn the gun on her family, the story just doesn’t ad up to me. There have been many people who have wanted to kill themselves, and there have been many who kill others before they kill themselves. The one circumstance about this case is that she did not kill herself after killing her kids, and this makes me think that she could be extremely psychotic.

This got me thinking about gun control and the debate that we have around the issue. Instead of worrying about mentally unstable people getting  guns shouldn’t we be more worried about mentally ill people getting the professional help that they need? After all, if mentally ill people are on their proper medications and receiving proper treatment, they have little to no chance of committing such violent acts. It’s only been those who have not been receiving help that are the main perpetrators of the acts of violence which occur around the world every day.

Then I began to think about what would happen if we had gun control in place. The fact is people who want to kill others are going to do it no matter or what. Suzanna Simpson would have probably found a way to carry out the heinous act, and the fact that she had a gun did not make her do it. It was the fact that she was a deranged, evil individual that made her do it, and it should therefore teach us that getting rid of guns is not going to fix any of our problems.

The main take away that I get from the Suzanna Simpson case is not about gun control. It is about how the media has gotten about such cases. I’m sure that when the trial starts Simpson is going to get coverage on all the news networks because of the shocking facts of the case, and it will probably turn her into sort of a media star. Her children though, the innocent victims of such a senseless tragedies, probably will get little to no media coverage when they should be the ones that are talked about the most. Hopefully this will happen one day, but  I’m not holding my breath about it.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Jodi Arias Found Guilty Of First Degree Murder: What Do You Think?

After months of arguments from both sides, Jodi Arias has been found guilty of murdering her boyfriend. In fact, the jury has thrown the book at her about as hard as anybody as they have given her a first degree murder verdict. The trial, which captivated the nation, has raised many questions about what constitutes homicide, and I just thought that I’d write a post about what questions the trial has raised for me.

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The first and biggest question that I have is whether Jodi Arias premeditated the murder and what constitutes premeditation. If Jodi Arias were being abused, does plotting to get away from her abuser by planning his murder constitute premeditation? If so, are there other women who should be behind bars today because they killed their abusers? I think that this is a touchy issue since it deals with domestic abuse, and I am interested to get your opinion about what you think about this part in the case.

The next thing that I find interesting about this case is Jodi Arias’ demeanor on the stand. You would think that she would have a little bit more sympathy for her victim and his family, but she comes off as an ice queen and a liar. This, to me, is why I think that she guilty as most who kill out of self defense still have feelings of remorse about what they did. I was surprised her lawyers didn’t tell her to show emotion, but I guess they may have not that the trail of lies and deceit to the media that now makes her infamous.

These are just a few of the questions I have, but now I will give you a little bit more details about the case. Just to let you know, Jodi Arias has stated that she wants the death penalty over life in prison due to the fact that she has “longevity in her family”. To me, this is sick. She has taken the life of another human being, and now she is complaining about a possible life sentence. She needs to learn that if you do the crime, there will always be a punishment, and you don’t get to choose what it is. It did not help her cause at all except in making her insanity pleas a little more likely if she appeals.

To close, I would like to say something about how these criminals become popular in the media while there victims become forgotten. Look at Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson. There names are much more recognizable than Nicole Brown or Caylee Anthony who were victims in both of the cases. It goes to show how messed up we are as a nation to popularize the criminals while forgetting the victims. Hopefully this will change soon so we can seek justice for all who have been victims of criminal activity.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative