E.T., Asteroids, And Other Unidentified Flying Objects, Oh My!: Sequester Could Spell The End For Earth

The sequester has been blamed for lots of things. Cutbacks in state funding, White House tours, and defense budget cuts have all been chalked up to the sequester. These things might seem pretty serious, but imagine if the sequester leads to an asteroid landing on your house or extraterrestrials taking over your neighborhood. This may seem far fetched, but the Air Force has said that it is going to stop its earth shield program, which means that the earth will remain vulnerable to space junk, asteroids, or creatures of the universe in the near future.

But does this mean earth could be looking at its last days as well? Well, to me, it is probably going to be hyped up by some out there to try to get the government spending money that we don’t have. In the meantime, I am not going to be waiting for aliens to knock at my door or an asteroid to come crashing down on top my house. If, by chance, extraterrestrials take over though, I hope that they rule under a small government, low tax platform that puts fiscal responsibility first. This could be the case because, after all, I always thought. E.T. seemed like a Reagan conservative.┬áthe days and years to come. According to Fox News, the budget cuts will take affect soon, and the program meant to protect the earth from space objects will be looking at its last days.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Oh, and you can check out the whole article where I got the idea for this post from here….