Guns And Agendas: The Media’s Obsession With The Issue

Ever sine Columbine happened in the 1990’s, there has been a huge insurgence of the media covering gun violence in order to carry out an anti-gun agenda. With incidents like the Colorado movie theater shooting and the massacre of the elementary school in Newtown, it has amplified this agenda greatly over the last year. While these issues should be addressed seriously, taking away the rights of Americans is not the way to do. The media didn’t think so though. They decided to tackle the issue with an overwhelming bias. And what happened when these massive events weren’t in the media spotlight? Well, they decided to take isolated incidents and use them for there agenda.

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A perfect case of this is when a four year old boy accidentally shot and killed his father when visiting the home of a gun owner in Arizona. The child took a gun that was within his reach and pulled the trigger, killing his father. This tragedy has been reported all over the liberal media with anti-gun sentiments placed throughout the articles. They say that this is a perfect reason to take away guns from Americans, but they don’t realize what the discussion should truly be about this story.

The fact is, the man should have never had a loaded gun, safety off and all, in his home. He should have at least put it on safety, and, better yet, he should have taken the bullets out of the gun. Additionally, he should not have had the gun within the reach of children. They teach anybody that who goes to a hunter safety course, and this tragedy wouldn’t have happened if they would have just followed a few simple rules. This doesn’t get reported in the media though because they don’t want to feature responsible gun owners in their stories because it would hurt their cause.

At while I’m at it, I would just like to say that it was sick what Obama has been doing to help the media. He’s used the Newtown families as props in his sick agenda, and it is a disgrace what he is doing with that tragedy. He needs to realize that he should be taking serious action towards getting guns out of the hands of real criminals. He should not be demonizing the responsible gun owners who follow the law.

To finish, I would just like to applaud those who are standing up for our second amendment rights. We are living in an age where our rights are being systematically ripped from our hands by our government, and those who are protesting these actions are true American heroes. They deserve to be thanked, and I would like to take this opportunity to do that. Without them, who knows where our rights would be now?

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservtive


Obama Shows Unhappiness, Demonizes Gun Rights Supporters After Gun Bill Fails

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Yesterday, I watched in amazement as Barack Obama had a press conference to talk about his feelings after the gun bill he supported failed in the Senate. During the press conference, he said that he was displeased that the Senate did not allow the bill to advance. Then, with Gabrielle Giffords and families from Sandy Hook Elementary in toe, he went, as some of my hipster friends would call it, cray cray. Not just a little either, but a whole lot.

He stated that the NRA lied to the American people to get the gun bill to fail, and he said that those of us who did not support the legislation were the reason for what he referred to as a “shameful day for America”. He then went on a rant against the gun lobby, gun owners, and the politicians who stood for their citizens’ second amendment rights. He also took the time to clarify that, while he took them with them everywhere he possibly could when talking about gun control, he did not treat the victims of gun violence as props to advance his political agenda.

To say the least, this showed how into himself Obama can truly be. I would have to agree with some of the other comments that I have read that state Obama’s rage was not due to the fact that he felt the legislation would protect Americans, but he was so ¬†upset that HIS big bill went down in flames in the Senate. He can sometimes get selfish, and this was the ultimate display of his self absorption.

To me, he wasn’t the most narcissistic star of the press conference though. Joe Biden, who also attended, stood with the biggest pout you’d ever seen plastered across his face. It was a display that was unbecoming of any politician, yet alone our Vice President. Put it together with Barack Obama’s pure anger,and the press conference was truly a devastatingly bad display of American politics. They should have just said they were displeased and left it at that, but they had to go on a tirade which made them and our country look bad.

Want proof? An article in The Telegraph, a British magazine, laments that Barack Obama is a lame duck President after not passing his gun control bill, and it says that his press conference is an indicator that no one much cares about pleasing Obama anymore. The fact that this has been reported in an international publication goes to show that Obama’s weaknesses are coming to light, and that he is part of the reason the world is losing respect for Obama. Unlike most other conservatives, I think that Obama is a cool guy who I just happen to disagree with, and so I am giving him this advice. If you want to be respected, you must respect the rights of others. Therefore, if you would just work a little harder at respecting our Constitutional rights, you may just be able to garner the support of your people and the world.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Liberal Media Aids Democrats In Taking Away America’s 2nd Amendment Rights

If you have watched any of the liberal news outlets recently, you will see a plethora of reports about the way that gun violence is affecting people’s lives. From a boy shooting his aunt to gun crime taking over Chicago, it is almost unavoidable to see some of these stories. To me, it is no coincidence that such stories have started to dominate the news media. With Democrats and liberal Republicans trying to pass legislation that will be the largest infringement on Americans’ second amendment rights, the liberals that run newsrooms around the country are starting to place the idea that guns are bad into the minds of Americans.

This came to a head when the Senate, led by Harry Reid, was successful in passing the legislation that took away rights of Americans to keep weapons. While it still has to be voted on by the Republican controlled House, the fact that there were Republicans who joined in the current trend of stripping away our Constitutional Rights is just alarming. These politicians should lose their seats the next election cycle because they are not standing up for the true principles of the Republican party. After all, if those politicians who are elected to represent the party of Constitutional rights can’t stand by there principles who can?

Why did these individuals decide to support this legislation? In my opinion, I feel that they were influenced by the stories put out by the media. They were so enthralled by the hyped up stories and tragedy related to guns in the last few weeks, I feel that they were blinded to the fact that the media is run by liberals who are glad to see that they decided to take away the rights of Americans after hearing the stories run on their networks. If only they would realize that they were being used as pawns in a political game, they may have a whole new perspective on the issue.

After all, no one was calling for stricter control on knives after a man went around a college campus stabbing people earlier this week. This was due to the fact that the media doesn’t care about getting rid of knives. They care about finding any excuse they can to belittle our Constitution on a day to day basis. If only they would realize that their actions could have great consequences if a tyrannical government ever came into power, they might take a different look at the way they went away glorifying anti-American ideals.

So what can we do as conservatives? As many of you know, the conservative movement is one that is on a grassroots level. There are many friends of mine who are signing petitions to ensure that our second amendment rights are protected in the future. So let’s stand up to Democrats, Obama, or anyone else who wants to take away our rights by petitioning and peacefully protesting for American values. This way we can see a brighter future for this great country of ours.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative