Liar, Liar: How Obama Lied To Get Obamacare Passed

The year was 2009, and Obama was trying desperately to get his signature health care reform bill passed. Washington politicians fought fiercely to have their voices heard, and Democrats tried to assure Americans that the health care bill wouldn’t jeopardize their lives. At the helm was Obama, who promised that Americans could keep their health insurance plans if they wanted to. He said that no one needs to worry about having to find a new plan if they already had one.  With this assurance, many Americans happily accepted the new health care plan as a law of the land.

Four years later, the health care law is about to go into affect. Americans are purchasing plans to get health care, and Obama’s promise still stands. That is, except for the fact that it doesn’t. Millions of Americans are getting notices that their health care plans are being cancelled, and it is causing them to scramble to find new health plans. Obama’s promise has turned into a lie because health care companies are changing policies to try to get as much money as they can, and Obama knew that this was going to happen. He went on ahead though and lied to get his bill passed.

As Americans are panicking and realizing how much of a liar Obama is, he is backtracking his statement. Now, he is stating that what he meant was that Americans could keep their plans if the insurance companies decided to continue the policies. He didn’t mention that he knew full well that the bill would have insurance companies cancelling policies left and right, and that Americans would have to feel the brunt of the his lie. But, as I’ve said before, he doesn’t care because he only care about getting what he wants done, and he doesn’t care who he has to trample on in order to succeed.

So, as the date for forced socialist medicine gets closer and closer, we conservatives have one more reason to make our voices known about how we disapprove of such a measure happening in our country. It was passed through manipulations and lies, and the American people are having to suffer because of Obama’s blatant dishonesty. Hopefully this will help Americans to see that Democrats are taking our country down the wrong path, and that they need to vote for conservatives to get it going in the right direction once again.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


Sign Of A Legacy: How Obamacare Website Failures Exemplify The Obama Presidency

With a few weeks to go before socialized medicine becomes official law in this country, the Obamacare website is still seeing problems. People can’t access the website a lot of the times, and, when they can and want to talk to someone about their options, it is oftentimes difficult to talk to a representative. Reports have surfaced that the Obama administration knew full well that the website was having major problems before it launched, but they went ahead and did it anyway. They wanted to have their way and be right regardless of the fact that they knew it didn’t work, and this exemplifies the attitude the Obama administration has had when it comes to the way they  handle its business.

Just look at Obamacare itself. They still have no clue if it will work properly, and they didn’t when they passed it. They just wanted to have their way and be right. You don’t believe me? May I remind you when Nancy Pelosi infamously said that they had to pass the bill to know everything that was in it. It was the most stupid and nonsensical statement ever to leave a politician’s mouth, but it shows just how desperate Democrats were to force their socialism ideologies on the American people and please their leader Obama. They showed that they cared more about themselves than producing something that would actually be effective without hurting the American people.

The same can be said for the stimulus packages that the Democrats and Obama passed. They drove up our national debt, and they did little to nothing to help the American economy. Obama wanted them passed though because he wanted to have a big bill pass at the beginning of his Presidency to show that he had ultimate power, and he didn’t give thought to the long term consequences of passing such a bill would be like. That’s the way it’s been ever since. Obama gets defunct policies to pass because he wants to be right, and eh doesn’t care about the stress that it puts on the people he is suppose to represent.

So if you visit the Obamacare website page and get a message that it’s having issues, remember one thing. That message exemplifies the Obama presidency. It has been one of passing bills that knowingly have issues in order to further an egocentric man’s agenda. And if you think that’s the worse, just wait until health care is implemented. It will spell trouble for America, but Obama doesn’t care. Why? Because he only cares about himself.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

ShutDown: Government Comes To A Close Because Obama And Liberals Won’t Budge On Obamacare

Here it is folks. It’s day number two of the federal government’s shutdown, and the sky still hasn’t fallen. In fact, the stock market rose yesterday. While liberals in the media blame all of this on Republicans, I think that most Americans aren’t really affected by the government shutdown in any major way. Yes, they may have had to push back their trips to our national monuments or stay out of D.C., but it hasn’t really had a drastic impact on the lives of every day Americans. Instead, regardless of what the CNN or MSNBC polls say, I think that more Americans will be glad if the government shutdown prevents Obamacare from going into affect.

Just look at the recent clip from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” where he took to the streets of Los Angeles to ask people if they liked Obamacare or The Affordable Care Act better (they are the same thing), and, while the people answering the questions were made to look like idiots, the fact of the matter is that they did not want Obamacare to go into affect. The overwhelming reason that they did not want this occurring was because of the socialist mandate in Obamacare that states that everyone has to have health insurance. We live in America, not Russia, and we don’t want to be forced to purchase something by our government. We want to be able to have our rights, and Obamacare strips us of some of our rights.

That’s why, while the liberal media melts down over the government shutdown, I feel that most Americans could give two hoots about whether or not D.C. is open for business or not as long as Obamacare does not go into affect. In fact, I feel that, when all is said and done, Democrats are going to be the ones to blame. They aren’t even open to talking to Republicans to come to a compromise because they are afraid it will cause the insurance companies, who are backing them and Obamacare, to think less of them, and, when all is said and done, cause them to lose money. They can say Obamacare is going to protect Americans from special interest groups, but it does just the opposite. Look at how a lot of the major health care companies’ stocks (those that supported Obama’s health care law) have risen since Obamacare passed because the whole thing was passed by special interests.

Republicans are the ones coming to the table wanting to have a spirited and American debate, but Democrats are the ones saying “NO”. No matter how much Obama and his liberal henchmen want to twist this around in the media, the simple fact is that Obama and liberals are to blame for the government shutdown. Yes, they may have the media sticking up for them saying that they are not the ones to blame, but just because propaganda is put out into the world doesn’t make it true. Just ask anybody who has lived in a dictatorship.

In the meantime, the government remains shutdown, and I have a feeling it won’t be opening for business anytime soon. This does not worry me in the least. Instead, I am relieved that there are people in Washington who don’t want to see our government turned into the next socialist Russia or China. While they are being turned into villains by the media, they are nothing short of true American heroes who are risking the way they are viewed to protect this country for years to come. I applaud them today, and I am wishing you all a happy second day of the government shutdown.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

The IRS Scandal Worsens: Group Now Shown To Have Targeted Groups Who Support Israel

I’ve said it many times before, and I will say it again. Israel is our ally, and we should treat them like the great asset that they are. They are the only nation in the Middle East that supports America and democracy, and they are the only nation that gives us support when we need it. They are, to me, our number one ally in the world, but Obama and his administration don’t seem to understand this fact. This was made even more evident when it was revealed this week that the IRS had targeted groups who support Israel for extra scrutiny during tax time. It had already been revealed in recent weeks that they had targeted Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations, but this is a slap in the face to everyone who stands for democracy. Israel, a democratic stronghold in the  Sharia run Middle East has had our back through thick and thin, and they are a true friend of democracy. The organizations who support them value this fact because they actually care about justice and equality, and they should be rewarded for their support of Israel.

(Image Via

What do they get as a reward though? They get their taxes scrutinized, their rights violated, and their freedoms taken away simply because the Obama administration supports the terrorist run “state” of Palestine. This just isn’t fair, and it goes to show that Obama has become a rogue leader like none other this country has ever seen. He would love nothing more to enforce his socialist views on this nation, but he is doing these types of shady things because the American people would never let his visions become a reality. While some of you may think that my thinking is a little farfetched, evidence has come out in the last few days that suggest Obama may have had knowledge about the goings on at the IRS. After all, the former head of the organization who was recently fired made over one hundred trips to the White House, and what these trips were exactly for is unknown. To me, I would not be surprised if Obama knew about the targeting of the Tea Party, Pro-Israel groups and other conservative groups for extra scrutiny simply based on his track record of doing such things like boycotting Fox News and other conservative organizations early in his presidency.

It is a sad state of affairs, but it is this nation’s sad reality. Those of us who stand up for traditional values and stand behind our allies have to watch our backs because the current administration is more than happy to violate the Constitution when they disagree with someone. The good news is, we are still willing to stand up and have our voices heard. We are willing to fight back against the injustice that we receive, and we are willing to protect our nation for future generations to come.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Obamacare And The Elderly People I Know: Let’s Just Say It Ain’t That Great

Since Obamacare has been passed, America’s traditional values have taken a beating. First and foremost, the fact that everyone is forced to buy health care coverage by Dictator Obama is one of the biggest losses of Americans’ freedoms in years. We are supposed to have individual liberties as Americans’, but we are instead being forced to purchase spoiled goods in order for the government to give health care to illegal immigrants and those who do not give one iota whether or not their getting free health care could take food off the tables of other Americans. It is a dark day for us, but the fact is that I hope more and more Americans will realize just how messed up the health care law is after I share this story with them.

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My grandmother is 83, soon to be 84, and she relies on medicaid for her prescriptions since my grandfather passed away. She spent her life working hard taking care of my mom and her siblings while also farming chickens. She is a stand-up kind of woman, and she lives every day to the fullest even though she has arthritis. Living on a fixed income, she sometimes worries about how she will afford her medication, and Obamacare made her worry even more about this.

Last year, she payed about thirty dollars per medication after medicare. This was reasonable for her, and she didn’t complain about it. Come January though, the price for her prescriptions doubled after a portion of Obamacare went into affect. She now has to cut back on other things just to afford her prescriptions. While it affects her, this is most certainly not the only instance that this occurs, and it can happen to anyone out there.

It makes sense that if you are beginning to cover a larger swath of people’s health care for free, that those who do their share will have to pay more. For instance, if twice as many people are receiving medication, many for free, those who are paying for their prescriptions will have to pay twice as much to cover the costs of the individuals who aren’t paying their share. It’s socialism at its worst, and it will just get worse Obamacare becomes a scary reality in our country.

It may be a scary reality, but there still is hope. If we vote for conservatives in upcoming elections, we may just garner enough votes to override Obamacare. It may seem unlikely that this will happen, but those who we cherish most in our society deserve better than what they are getting. We need to raise our voice so we can give the elderly, disabled, and those in need a chance at life. In turn, future generations will also have the opportunity to live in a society of freedom.  We can continue a legacy of democracy, not socialism, for future generations, but first we need to get the courage to do so.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Liberal Myth Number 1: People Who Are Against Abortion Are Against Women’s Rights

Recently, the battle for the right to life has taken an uphill turn as several states have instated laws that make it tougher for a woman to end the life of her unborn child. Up until this time, it has mostly been strong Christian states from the south who have begun to implement these laws, but now northern states are taking not. One such incident is a bill that is going through the Pennsylvania House that would not allow money from Obamacare to be used for abortion. As with any issue, liberals have there talking points….or lies, and this issue is no different.

Brian Sims (Image Via

The representative to spread the liberal myth was Democratic congressman Ryan Sims. In the debate, Mr. Sims got up and announced that he was voting against the bill because, unlike other of his colleagues, he respected women. He then went on to tell his colleagues that they are voting based on the Bible, and that they should not do that. It was a bashing with words, but it is no strange coincidence when it comes to liberals trying to find a way to stand up for their lack of morals.

The fact is, that those who voted for the bill to pass simply did not want to see any more innocent babies lose their lives. While some may have cited religious reasons for their votes, I am sure that many also voted the way that they did in order to protect the liberties of their constituents. After all, forcing someone who believes the way I do, that abortion is murder, is one of the biggest slaps in the face to individual rights I can think of. So, I think that Mr. Sims should cool his temper tantrums down and realize that people have differing of opinions. That doesn’t mean they are against women’s rights, and for him to say such a thing is just absurd.

After all, think about all of those who voted for the measure to go through that were women. They are strong, powerful women who are great examples of feminism, but they just don’t agree with abortion. For Mr. Sims so say such a thing is a gross degradation of their character, and it shows that he is not for women the way that he states that he is in his speech.

Mr. Sims is not alone in this thinking though. There are countless numbers of liberals who spew this type of myth all over the world in order to vilify those who are against abortions. That’s why we conservatives need to stand strong in our beliefs even if it means we are called sexist. That way, we will not let the liberals win.

P.S. This is the link to Sims’ speech.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

This Land Is Our Land and Our Kids Are Our Kids: Just Saying Melissa Harris-Perry And MSNBC

America was founded on freedom. We have the freedom to bare arms, the right to speech and protest and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have the right to raise our families the way that we choose and to make sure we take care of our children. That is unless you are MSNBC and Melissa Harris-Perry. As many of you have seen by now, Ms. Harris-Perry was featured in an ad that stated that we have not given enough resources into our education system because we do not see our children as community owned like we should. While I do think that Ms. Harris-Perry has a point that our education system is broken, I do not feel that we should view our children as owned by the community, the state, or the government.

In the current Obama administration, we have Michelle Obama telling us what to feed our kids, a democratic senate trying to take away our guns, and a President who has taken away our choice of whether or not we should have health care. Liberals see this invasion of freedom as “Big Daddy” government taking care of its poor little citizens, but we conservatives see it for the in your face invasion of freedom that it is. That’s why liberals defended Melissa Harris-Perry’s statements as a Christ-like act of taking care of others, and they were malicious in their attacks against anyone who disagreed with the statements made by the MSNBC host.      If they read the Bible though, they would realize that Jesus stood up for taking care of people in need. He was not an advocate for having a collective community where everyone was responsible for everyone else. For goodness sakes, the Bible is filled with passages that discuss taking personal responsibility for one’s actions, and this includes taking responsibility for one’s own children. He certainly never said that the government should ever be involved in the lives of children, but liberal elitist like Ms. Harris-Perry and others have taken his words and twisted them to fit their socialist agenda.

Yes, she may want her kids to be taken care of by the state, but I am fine taking care of my own kids. She shouldn’t try to force here communist beliefs down my throat just like I would never tell her that she had to attend a rally against abortion or force her to put her children in a religious school. Liberals nowadays think that they should have the authority to tell their fellow citizens what to do because Obama was elected for a second term, but I hate to tell them that that’s not the way things work in America. This is a land where I should be able to have the right to own my own property, have my own family, and say what I want without fear that the state will step in, and liberals need to realize that they would be better suited in a land like China or North Korea if they want the government to run their lives.       So as you tuck your kids in bed tonight, remember that they are yours. They do not belong to the government or to the collective United States.

So raise them the way that you feel they should be raised. Teach them to embrace American values and reject socialist and communist ideals. That way, we can provide a better life for the next generation and generations to come.

May God Bless America,

  • The Generation X Conservative