Take Your Ph.D. And Shove It: Why Anit-Semite Reza Aslan Is A Jerk

Reza Aslan is a controversial figure. The prominent Muslim has been featured on many news programs giving his opinion on everything from religion to pop culture, and he continues to share his gift of gab with the world on twitter when the cameras stop rolling. Usually, a non important person like Reza Aslan would not even cross my mind, but he recently has written a book that has me really ticked off. The book, called “Zealot” paints a picture of Jesus that is controversial at best and heretical at worst.

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First and foremost, Aslan discusses how Jesus lived in Palestine, not Israel. While it may be true that the Romans referred to modern day Israel as Palestine, Reza Aslan seems to mention it as a way in which to demean Israel’s statehood. This alone makes me sick to my stomach, but Aslan doesn’t stop there. He paints a picture of Jesus as a “zealot” (hence the name of the book), and he pretty much uses the book to indirectly attack Christianity. Aslan then goes on to paint Jesus as being fully human and basically without divinity, and, in doing so, he belittles the faith of millions of Christians like myself.

With such outrageous claims, Reza Aslan has been invited on many news programs, and most liberal pundits tend to let him push his book without ever questioning why he wrote the book and what it was about.  It was only when he went to Fox News, to be interviewed by Religion Correspondent Lauren Green, that he was challenged, and he handled it in one of the most annoying and arrogant ways possible.

When Green asked him how his faith affected his writing of the book, he got into a puff like a whiny school child and said that the question was irrelevant. He then went on to arrogantly brag that he had a Ph.D.  in religion and that this meant his faith  could have nothing to do with the way he went about writing and researching his book due this fact. When Green pressed Aslan about some of his claims and asked him again about his faith, Aslan scolded her. Green, being the professional that she is, tried to debate the issue with him in a civilized manner, but I would have taken a whole different approach when it came to questioning Reza Aslan. I would tell him “Take your Ph.D. and shove it.”

After all, Aslan would be infuriated if someone like me wrote a book about Islam that he disagreed with. Many Muslims don’t even want outsiders to know some of the more controversial elements of their religion such as the fact Muhammad had sex with a girl when she was nine years old, and that’s why you never hear about these things.  That’s because they are too busy bashing Christianity and other religions because, since 9/11, they have been given a pass to say whatever they want. After all, if someone says anything against Christianity, it’s completely fine, but if something bad is said against Islam a jihad is declared or a Benghazi happens.

This pass is exactly what Reza Aslan is using to spew his hatred and bigotry. Just look at his twitter account which bashes Jewish officials and speaks poorly of conservative media pundits. You never hear the media talk about this, and when Fox News finally does talk about it in their article “Muslim Biographer Of Jesus A Potty Mouth On Twitter” (link below), the rest of the media uses this to attack Fox News for being anti-Islam.

So what can we do as conservatives to stop a racist from being made a hero? Well, we can’t do much when it comes to liberals. They love those who hate the Jews after all, but we can do something. We can not buy any of Aslan’s books, and we can ask Fox News not to feature a racist bigot on their network anymore. It may seem like a small step, but it’s the best step that I can think of to stand up to the racism and bigotry of Reza Aslan and show that America stands up for tolerance of all.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

By the way, here’s the link to the video and article from Fox News.