Terror Threat: U.S. Government Warning Tourists and Closing Embassies Sparks Debate Over Whether Or Not Our Citizens And Diplomats Are Safe

If you are an American who is traveling in the Middle East or North Africa, the U.S. government wants to know one thing. You need to be extra cautious in the days to come after Al Quaeda released a statement that a threat may be carried out in that region. While not specified, apparently its pretty serious since they are closing there embassies as well, and so you should be as cautious as they are.

Not only does this have the U.S. government and American travelling abroad on alert, but it has also sparked debate in the media that our embassies may not be properly guarded since we are being forced to close them. While this is coming from some of my fellow conservatives, as they bring up Benghazi in the process, I must say that this argument seems nonsensical to me at this time. After all, if the U.S. government can protect one or more American lives by shutting down the embassies, I have not one problem with them taking this step. If an attack were to happen while our embassies were open, my fellow conservatives would be outraged, and that is why I find it hard to believe that they are using the closure of these embassies as something to complain about.

Yes, there is a time to talk about giving our embassies more funding, but this is not the time. As the lives of our fellow Americans and Israeli and other allies hang in the balance, we should be more focused on protecting human life than in bickering about Benghazi. There’s a time and place for this, but this is not one of those time. We should only concern ourselves with making sure that these embassies are closed so a potential terror attack does not take the lives of any of our citizens.

In the meantime, I urge my fellow Americans travelling in the Middle East or North Africa to be extremely cautious. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings, and, if possible, stay as close to home (or your hotel room) if possible. Safety matters in times like these, and I wish you all the best in your travels.

May God Bless America And Safe Travels,

The Generation X Conservative


Liberal Bias On The College Campus: Eric Stackelbeck, Palestine, and Racism

I attend one of the most liberal colleges in America. Nestled in the hotbed of the Pacific Northwest, most professors, students, and faculty abide by the code of liberal morals. They preach, teach, and indoctrinate their students with their liberal ideology, and they don’t like when someone challenges their beliefs. That’s why, when someone does, they get cowardly and run away. A perfect instance of this happening occurred last spring at my campus, and I thought that I would share it with you.

(Image Via newvoices.org)

To start with, I can tell you that very few were happy that Mr. Stackelbeck was going to be giving a speech that supported Israel. This was clear to me when one of my professors allowed a student, a giant socialist, get up and make an announcement. He invited everybody to the event to protest Mr. Stackelbeck who he claimed was a racist and a bigot.

I, being a strong supporter of Israel, knew that anyone who took Israel’s side was someone that I wouldn’t be protesting so I made up my mind to stay home that night. I am glad that I did because what followed is one of the most obvious displays of just how sick and twisted liberal colleges are. A video, later posted to a conservative website, shows visual evidence of the kind of control and manipulation that goes into getting kids to follow liberal ideology blindly.



In the video (links above), students who I knew were shown with tape over there mouths. This was suppose to represent the Palestinian people who they wanted to portray as silenced by the Israelis when it is the opposite way around. Mr. Stackelbeck politely asked them to take off the tape and debate with them, but those students who were participating in the protest followed their leaders blindly and didn’t get up and have a discussion.

After sitting at the presentation for no less than probably fifteen minutes, the students walked out of the speech. Mr. Stackelbeck treated them kindly, but they did not care. They just wanted to validate their positions by ignoring the logic that the other side presented. It was an embarrassing display of liberal kids following blindly to others while thinking they are expressing their individuality.

It got worse though. A video was recorded of the students having a “debriefing”, yes because you need one for such a thing I guess, after the protest. Student after student got up and called Mr. Stackelbeck racist, and one even said that he shouldn’t state his opinions because he has “white male privilege”. This type of talk is common is liberal classrooms so it didn’t surprise me, but I can see how others who watch the clip could be shocked about just how blatantly anti-white the modern college campus is.

This video is just the tip of the iceberg. These things happen all the time on campuses across America, and it is our responsibility to raise up the next generation of conservatives to be able to stand up for what they believe in. So let’s make it clear to those who are coming up that we have their backs. That way, we can have a strong conservative movement in the years to come.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Liberal Myth Number 3: Somehow Israel Is The Country That Violates Human Rights

One of the issues that I hold closet to my heart is that of Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign nation. I hear liberals and PLO supporters harp and moan about how they believe Israel is somehow intrinsically evil, but I don’t buy it. Many of my liberal colleagues state that their disapproval of Israel is because they feel the country violates human rights while defending themselves from the Palestinians. The truth is, Palestine is the nation which violates rights on a massive scale. Just look at some of the things that we hold dearest in America, and then compare it to Palestine’s take on the same things. You will see that those who are anti-Israel have no solid proof.

Firstly, let’s look at the rights of women. Israel does not have a dress code about what a woman can wear, and their law does not state that men are above women. They allow women to served in the armed forces, and their laws on the books that women can press charges against abusive partners. In Palestine, women must abide by Sharia law, and men are allowed to beat them without any repercussions. It is obvious which nation stands up for the rights of women, but liberals,even feminist liberals, somehow stand behind Palestine and its sexist laws.

Next, let’s look at the rights of gays and lesbians in the two countries. Israel allows gay and lesbian couples to have kids, and GLBT people are allowed to serve in the military. Across the way in Palestine, gays have to fear for their lives, and many have to flee to Israel in order to be safe. Liberals, who are supposed to stand for the rights of gays and lesbians should be the ones who support Israel the most, but this is not the case. Instead, they support the Palestinians and the hatred that they carry toward women and GLBT people.

Since this is the case,what draws liberals to support the terrorist state of Palestine? The answer is simple, and it is that liberals are brainwashed by the P.R. people of Palestine. Palestine is constantly pumping the lie that Israel is blowing up its women and children, but the truth is that Palestine is the culprit of the killings of women in children. They constantly send bombs to some of the most crowded areas in Israel to kill as many people as they can, and it shows just how cold the Palestinian state can be.

So what should the United States due to defend Israel, its only ally in the region? The answer is whatever it takes. Israel has helped us in the past, and we must help them. If that means sending troops there if they are attacked or medical help to aid the victims of those who are injured by the Palestinian bombing that occur, then so be it. They are a democratic nation, not an Islamic dictatorship, and we should do everything in our power to help keep the one glimmer of democracy in the region shining for years to come. We have been blessed as a nation with freedom, and we should spread this blessing throughout the world.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative