Birth Of William and Kate’s Baby Gives Americans Reminder Of What Our Country Could Look Like

The media, both political and celebrity camps, have pretty much gone insane the last few weeks covering Kate Middleton and William’s royal birth. This all culminated when the baby was born, and crowds gathered in London to see what the kid would look like. To me, this was all a bunch of insanity which really had no relevance to my life, but I then realized that it reminded me just what our country could be like if we had not declared war from the British over two hundred years ago. It may sound a little far fetched, but this is how I view the relationship between Americans and the British.

America fought so that we could have elected officials and would not have to live under a tyrannical monarchy like the British. Americans fought and shed blood so that we would not have to put up with giving people taxes who did nothing for the people of our nation in return. Two centuries later, while all Americans have disagreed with the President of The United States at one point or another, they realize that the President has to get up every day, make decisions, and work to earn their keep. Meanwhile, the British royal family works the red carpet and the social circuit while getting funds from their people to live a lavish lifestyle. They take advantage of their people with no remorse, and they show me why I am glad that I am an American.

The next big reminder that I got while watching the clip of the new royal baby is that the British and us Americans have different attitudes when it comes to the our freedoms. We Americans protest things that we do not like, but the British seem to have a different attitude about things. This is especially when it comes to how passionate we are over what our government should do. Most seem to value tradition over low taxes, and they rejoice in the fact that another individual was born that will cause them to spend their hard earned dollars to pay for the child’s cars, castles, and heaven knows what else he needs as he get older. This is very strange to me as many Americans would have protested an event like that occurring here, but it seems like the British have a different view on their royals. They love the frills and fanciness that having a monarchy brings them, and they don’t see why Americans would ever have a reason to question the way their government is run without considering them absolutely insane.

I would just like to say that we aren’t crazy though, and we aren’t trying to be mean. We are just saying that, if the U.K. was our country, we would not like to see our hard earned dollars spent on funding the lives of people who do little to nothing for our nation while expecting everything for return. After all, the United States wanted no taxation without representation and to escape the claws of the royals that some in the media our going gaga about today, and that is what our nation was founded on. We accomplished this, and we are proud of it. ¬†We could be Britain, but we are glad that we are not. My fellow Americans, and the ones that think like I do, are not unsophisticated or uncultured though. We are just used to a way of life that sees those in our government work for a living, and that is part of what makes our country great.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

P.S. I know that no all British think alike about the royal family, but I am writing this article based on recent reports saying that most Brits want to keep their royals.