Opinion: America Should Not Concern Itself With The “Arab Spring”

    Last year, liberals around the world rejoiced that Arabic nations had been standing up to their oppressive regimes and demanding change. Heck, even Barack Obama got involved in congratulating countries such as Egypt in standing up for their rights. While it looked like these countries may have been coming into their own, it was only a matter of time before things started to change. Let’s look at the beacon location of the “Arab Spring”, Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt as an example to how the “Arab Spring” was nothing but a bust. 


    Last year, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians took to Tahrir Square to protest Hosni Mubarak. They complained that their economy was faltering and that their rights were being trampled on under the Mubarak regime. They wanted a new leader, and this caused them to arrest Mubarak (he eventually got life in prison) and hold elections for a new president. When all was said and done, Mohammed Morsi, of The Muslim Brotherhood, was elected the new President of Egypt. 

   Fast forward to today, and things have changed a lot in Egypt. While people took to the streets to rejoice Morsi’s presidency on election night, they have now once again taken to Tahrir Square and had him overthrown. He now is imprisoned, like his predecessor, and Egypt is once again trying to figure out the direction that they want their country to take. The simple fact of the matter is though, they have no idea what they really want as a country, and this is exactly why America needs to not concern itself with the goings on of countries like Egypt. 

   When the United States decided it wanted to break away from the British crown, our founding fathers had a clear vision of what they wanted our country to be. They wanted freedom for all, and they wanted a chance for the citizens of their newly formed government to have a say in the way their country was run. Egypt, while having the support of Barack Obama and others around the world, knows that it wants change, but it doesn’t know what changes it wants to take place. There are too many factions fighting against one another, and this is going to make it next to impossible to ever achieve a true democratic state in Egypt since things are so divided. Until Egyptians can get a unified vision of what they want their country to be, they are never going to gain true independence as a nation. 

    That’s why I say that The U.S., along with other countries, needs to let Egyptians handle the problems they are facing themselves. There are way too many factors that show that Egypt has a long way to go into becoming a nation where its people know what they want. After all, they have arrested a man who they thought would provide them with what they wanted just one year ago, and overthrowing your government every time you disagree with them is not part of democracy. Once they realize what true democracy is and have a clear vision of what they want, I would not object to aiding them in their quest, but, until then,I think America should not concern itself with the “Arab Spring”. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 


Boston Marathon Suspects Bring Islamic Extremism Back Into the Forefront

When Tamerlan  and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were reported to be the alleged Boston Marathon bombers, the world watched and waited to find out any information as to why these two individuals decided to carry out such a gruesome attack. Information slowly came out that stated these two young men turned terrorists were raised in America for over a decade. This left many more people wondering what made these two U.S. raised brothers turn  to such extreme amounts of violence. We got our answer, and it was not a surprising one.

The arrest of these two brothers, radicalized Muslims, put the issue of religious extremism back into the forefront of America’s consciousness.
(Image via http://www.csmonitor.com)

Since Obama has become President, the U.S. has been extremely politically correct when it comes to not offending the Muslim community. The Obama administration dropped the term “war on terror”, and Mr. Obama has given numerous speeches appealing to the Islamic world. It’s as if no one can say anything about Muslim extremists anymore without being called Islamaphobic. The truth is, extremist Muslims are something to be worried about because they are, whether you like it or not, the number one threat to our national security.

There are many peaceful Muslims in the world, but the fact is that there are also many violent Muslims in the world that loathe anything to do with western culture. Christians, Jews, and other religions have there fair share of problems too (see Westboro Baptist Church), but these are isolated instances. In the Muslim world however, you can see large crowds of people practicing their religion in a violent manner. Remember the threat to the cartoonists who depicted Muhammad and received death threats because of it? Or do you recall when a video that went viral last year caused riots throughout the whole Middle East and had the film’s stars fearing for their lives? These are just a few instances that prove that Islamic extremism is something that is widespread and needs our immediate attention, and it is why I feel we should be putting resources into shutting down any extremism that may put our safety in jeopardy.

We have not been doing this though, and that is why I feel that another attack has occurred on our soil. The current administration is so concerned with being politically correct that they ignore our safety. From not calling the bombings terrorist acts until 24 hours after they happened to revealing little information about the role that Islam played on the brothers’ lives, Obama and his team once again downplayed an incident to the American people in order to maintain a politically correct image.

They are not alone though. The media backs them up all the way in spreading the message that radical Islamists are not something to be worried about. For instance, CNN had a segment featuring a Muslim blogger who stated that he did not want this incident to characterize all members of his religion as terrorists. While I understand where he was coming from and I agree that not all Muslims should be painted with a wide brush, I had a problem with CNN not addressing the issue that Muslim extremists are still something to be concerned about after the interview was over. The bombings at the Boston marathon proved this, and they, as a media outlet, should try to give their audience the clearest understanding of what went on.

This probably won’t happen though. Our society has gotten to a point where you cannot even speak the truth without being called discriminatory, and it will probably continue to get worse. I will say what I believe though, and that is that radical Muslims are still something to be worried about. Resources should be used to trace what these radicals do, and we should then take the appropriate measures to prevent them from carrying any harm on our country. Then, we can feel safe and secure at all times and make sure another Boston marathon bombing does not occur.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative