A Note To My Fellow Conservatives: Button Up The Sexism

While most of my posts deal with liberal ideologies that I disagree with, this post is for my fellow conservatives. Recently, at a Republican convention in California, buttons were sold that had sexist remarks toward Hillary Clinton on them. They said something to the affect of “Hillary KFC Special; 2 Fat Thighs,Two Small Breasts, Left Wing”. While not even being humorous (unless you’re an eighth grader I guess), these buttons made our party look bad. Liberal media outlet after liberal media outlet wrote about the story, and they used this instance to reiterate the claim that our party is one stuck in the past. If we continue to present ourselves with this image, we are going to fail as a party because no one under thirty-five is going to want to vote for a party with a checkered past of sexism.

I know. You will say that Democrats have done similar, if not worse things, to conservatives, but the fact of the matter is that shouldn’t matter. We need to be the bigger person when it comes to dealing with liberals, and this means not using dehumanizing attacks against our opponents. If we want to criticize Hillary Clinton, it should be on her flawed political thinking, not her body, and focusing on her body as a talking point only makes us look weak as a party. So my fellow conservatives, let’s get our act together. We don’t need any more under the belt attacks against liberals. We need a strong party message and to attack liberals where they are wrong politically. If we do this, we may just have a chance at a bright future as a party, but, if we don’t, conservatism may become extinct before we know it. ¬†After all, Hillary may run in 2016, and this could be a great talking point on how we conservatives are out of date and out of touch.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative


The Politics Of Sex: Anthony Weiner’s New Scandal Brings Cheating Back Into The Political Forefront

Anthony Weiner apparently has been caught again foolling around on his wife, and Hillary Clinton Aid, Huma Abedin. The disgraced Congressman and current mayoral candidate in New York City, was once again caught sexting a woman other than his wife. As soon as the media found out about this, a firestorm erupted that has many wondering if he will ever be able to gain the trust of those whom he wants to represent. This brings back to memories such political sex scandals as Mark Sanford, John Edwards, and Bill Clinton, and it got me thinking about why the American people really care about the sex lives of those who represent them.

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Let’s take, for instance, Mark Sanford. Sanford ran on a platform of family values and traditionalist thinking, but he gave just the opposite when he went missing for a few days and was found to have been away with his mistress. Those who voted for Sanford had a right to be mad because he tried to sell them a false image. He was the man with morals, but, when the truth came out, he was discovered to have been nothing but a fraud. He is one kind of cheating politician, and I understand why individuals who voted for him would be upset that he betrayed his wife.

The next instance of a cheating politician would be John Edwards.Edwards, who was a Presidential candidate in 2004, was found out to have been fooling around on his wife while she was battling cancer. The media completely lambasted him, and with good reason, because he was cheating on a woman who was battling for her life. Of course, people were going to be outraged in this situation, and I feel that this is why he will never make a comeback in the political arena.

Then there was Bill Clinton. If Clinton were the Governor of Arkansas when he was found out, he would have probably been given a pass, but he was the President of The United States. The President is suppose to be someone that their people can trust, but the fact that he cheated on his wife and lied about it made him untrustworthy. The only reason that he has the rock star status that he does is due to the fact that his economic policies worked, and that his wife stuck by him.

That leads us to the current situation with Anthony Weiner. Weiner had been caught cheating as a Congressman, and this led to him leaving office. When he announced his plans to run for mayor of New York City, the liberal media rejoiced in what a redemptive moment that would be. That’s why, when reports once again surfaced that he was still a sexting, cheating man, he lost all credibility to his public. He had been preaching the message of a changed man, and he was lying all the time. Politicians need to be trusted by their constituents, and the fact that he was boldly lying to the residents of New York City makes me feel that he will never reach his goal of becoming mayor. The media is going to continue to cover the incident, and this is going to lead to a lot of bad publicity for the Weiner campaign.

But why are Anthony Weiner and other American politicians looked down upon by Americans? Well, I think it has to do with the trust issue that I mentioned before. If a politician cannot be trusted to be monogamous with their partner, how can they be trusted to honestly run a city, state, or country? The answer is , they can’t. After all, Americans don’t separate politicians personal lives from their political lives just yet, and this will cause the politics of sex to be brought into campaigns to come. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see just how the politics of sex will affect Weiner’s mayoral race.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative