Is It Halloween Already?: Because The IRS Witch-Hunt Of The Tea Party Sure Makes It Feel That Way

Since the Tea Party emerged as a political force to be reckoned with in the first couple of years of Obama’s term, liberals everywhere have had it out for the grassroots movement that took the nation by storm. From the beginning, leftist leaders belittled the party by calling those who participated in the protest against big government “tea baggers”, and from there it just took off. Racism was the next tactic used to try and silence the Tea Party as MSNBC talking heads showed isolated instances of offensive signs at the protests. Then came commentator after commentator spouting their opinion that the Tea Party had grown irrelevant. All of this didn’t stop the Tea Party though. They just became stronger.

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Over the next few years they found their voice, and they began to develop one of the biggest political revolutions America has ever seen. Their libertarian views that big government should stay out of the lives of its citizens and that taxes should be low made sense with millions of Americans across the country. Though it may have started out small, they eventually grew into a ┬ápolitical powerhouse that Obama and liberals dreaded. That’s when things just got downright mean and ignorant.

While not much had been said about the Tea Party since Obama’s election in November,they have become ┬áthe hot talk of the town this weekend when it was revealed that the IRS took an extra careful look at the Tea Party’s taxes. At first, the rumors were widely made fun of by liberals, but when the IRS finally fessed up to doing such a scandalous thing, they were soon put in their place. A witch-hunt against the Tea Party had taken place, and it finally gave conservatives proof that Obama and his administration will do anything to target those who disagree with their socialist, big government policies.

Conservatives in D.C. called for hearing to see just how down and dirty the Obama administration and the IRS had gotten when it came to targeting the Tea Party. Meanwhile, liberals in the media tried to downplay the story every chance that they got. After all, the IRS apologized, and the Tea Party is nothing but a bunch of loons to the liberal media anyway. It was grossly unfair to give such a big story such a little coverage, but it happens every day in the world of the liberal media.

That’s where we have a chance to do something conservatives. In this day and age of social media, we are able to give a voice to the causes we care about most. So tweet, Facebook, and Instagram the causes that are most important to you. For the voice of one thousand ordinary citizens can drown out the lies and deceit that one influential citizen may spew.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative