After Egypt’s Deadly Week, U.S. Should Cut Funding

This weeks Egypt erupted into chaos after the military led government violently broke up protest against the Muslim Brotherhood. Hundreds are dead and many more wounded after the intense battle between the two parties caused Egypt to slowly become a country drowning in despair and wondering when true independence is going to come. Here in America, Obama stated that he felt like the violence should end, and he condemned the military led government in Egypt for taking too drastic of a measure in trying to curb protesters. While this meant little to nothing to either part in Egypt, I feel that one gesture would truly show Egypt that we expect them to get their act together.

That would be to cut off all funding to Egypt until they can finally decide what direction they want to go in as a nation. For the last year and a half, they have done nothing but fight due to saying that they want a reformed country. However, the reform that they want is not a clear and concise reform, it is rather a muddled mass of ideas and beliefs that often contradict one another. The two main fractions in the nation, the Muslim Brotherhood and those who oppose them want two different things for their nations, and it is as if they need to split the country in half so that both sides can have what they want.

That’s why the U.S. giving money to Egypt is nothing but a waste.  They are not going to fix anything, and they are instead going to encourage a civil war that will bare little to no results. With the economic deficit threatening our country, we need to make sure that our money does not go to such a lost cause, and we need to put our money to work on more important things like supporting our troops or cutting the deficit.  Putting our money into Egypt may make us feel good about ourselves, but it’s just not realistic that it is going to accomplish democracy in Egypt.

But will Obama cut funding? I highly doubt it. He wants to make it look like he supports democracy in the region, and cutting aid will make it seem that he has given up seeking peace in the Middle East. I feel that this is a big mistake though as he will probably garner the anger of the Muslim Brotherhood and human rights groups because they will say he is supporting murder and government violence.  Cutting funding, to me, is the best decision to make, but it’s up to Obama to take action when it comes to this matter. So I guess we will have to wait to see what decision he makes and the consequences it will have on Egypt and the rest of the world.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Writer’s Note: I support doing everything we can to not let the Muslim Brotherhood get control of Egypt, as they are a terrorist group, but I don’t believe that we should spend our money to support other countries conflicts.


Terror Worldwide: U.S. Issues Warning To Travelers And Closes Embassy in Pakistan

Last weekend, The United States closed all of its embassies in the Middle East, but the threat is far from over. The U.S. has just released a statement that it will be closing a consulate in Pakistan, specifically in the city of Lahore. Apparently, information has been gleaned from our intelligence system that Pakistan may be the hub for potential terrorist attacks in the few days. They are cautioning all Americans within the country to be extremely careful in what they do, and the Pakistani government is also taking steps to ensure the safety of its citizens. There have been no specific details regarding why the threat in Pakistan is so large except that it is a “specific threat”, but I’m sure that information will come out in the upcoming days or weeks.

May God Bless America And Stay Safe,

The Generation X Conservative

Insanity? Please!!!!: Ford Hood Shooter Nadal Hasan Should Be Sentenced To Death

The rampage at Fort Hood by Nadal Hasan is one of the worst terrorist acts carried out on our soil since September 11, 2001. With the trial of Nadal Hasan starting to gear up, some are saying that such a heinous act could only be carried out by somebody who was mentally ill. Even though he was found competent to stand trial, these messages still are out there, and they have me troubled. While it’s all nice and lovely to think about Hasan’s actions being carried out due to being plagued by mental illness, it was something totally different that caused him to murder thirteen individuals.

What plagued Hasan is the growing worldwide epidemic of Islamic extremism. After converting to his Muslim faith in the early 2000s, Hassan began to grow increasingly extreme in his religious views according to court documents. He enlisted into the military where he was up close and personal with the war on terrorism, and this caused him to be sympathetic to the cause of those who wanted to see America destroyed. He became a radicalized Muslim so much so that he decided that it was his job to commit a jihad against the brave men and women of the armed forces on their own soil.

That’s why i have no sympathy for Nadal Hasan. He is no better than the men and who crashed planes into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the field in Pennsylvania on 9/11. He is a terrorist and murderer, and his sanity should not even be an issue in the trial. He needs to be treated like someone  would be who was found launching grenades and shooting bullets on battlefields in Iraq in Afghanistan, and this means that he should be looking at one sentence when all is said and done. That would be a death sentence.

He has already confessed that he is the shooter, and it has been making headlines. To me, I think that this shows a certain pride that he took in being able to carry out the attack. After all, he follows extremist Islam, which teaches that those who kill non-Muslims will be rewarded in the afterlife, and he is therefore not ashamed of taking away the lives of thirteen innocent people. He may play like he is Mr. Remorseful on the stand, but I’m not buying that one little bit.

As the trial plays out, more and more is going to come to light about the life and beliefs of Nadal Hasan. It’s going to be interesting to see what the defense has to say about what drove him to his horrific actions, but I won’t buy whatever it is that they are selling. They are defending someone who is a terrorist who killed U.S. heroes.  These thirteen heroes are no longer with us because of this man, and the only way they will get justice is if Hasan has his life cut short just as he cut short all of their lives.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Terror Threat: U.S. Government Warning Tourists and Closing Embassies Sparks Debate Over Whether Or Not Our Citizens And Diplomats Are Safe

If you are an American who is traveling in the Middle East or North Africa, the U.S. government wants to know one thing. You need to be extra cautious in the days to come after Al Quaeda released a statement that a threat may be carried out in that region. While not specified, apparently its pretty serious since they are closing there embassies as well, and so you should be as cautious as they are.

Not only does this have the U.S. government and American travelling abroad on alert, but it has also sparked debate in the media that our embassies may not be properly guarded since we are being forced to close them. While this is coming from some of my fellow conservatives, as they bring up Benghazi in the process, I must say that this argument seems nonsensical to me at this time. After all, if the U.S. government can protect one or more American lives by shutting down the embassies, I have not one problem with them taking this step. If an attack were to happen while our embassies were open, my fellow conservatives would be outraged, and that is why I find it hard to believe that they are using the closure of these embassies as something to complain about.

Yes, there is a time to talk about giving our embassies more funding, but this is not the time. As the lives of our fellow Americans and Israeli and other allies hang in the balance, we should be more focused on protecting human life than in bickering about Benghazi. There’s a time and place for this, but this is not one of those time. We should only concern ourselves with making sure that these embassies are closed so a potential terror attack does not take the lives of any of our citizens.

In the meantime, I urge my fellow Americans travelling in the Middle East or North Africa to be extremely cautious. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings, and, if possible, stay as close to home (or your hotel room) if possible. Safety matters in times like these, and I wish you all the best in your travels.

May God Bless America And Safe Travels,

The Generation X Conservative

Opinion: America Should Not Concern Itself With The “Arab Spring”

    Last year, liberals around the world rejoiced that Arabic nations had been standing up to their oppressive regimes and demanding change. Heck, even Barack Obama got involved in congratulating countries such as Egypt in standing up for their rights. While it looked like these countries may have been coming into their own, it was only a matter of time before things started to change. Let’s look at the beacon location of the “Arab Spring”, Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt as an example to how the “Arab Spring” was nothing but a bust. 


    Last year, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians took to Tahrir Square to protest Hosni Mubarak. They complained that their economy was faltering and that their rights were being trampled on under the Mubarak regime. They wanted a new leader, and this caused them to arrest Mubarak (he eventually got life in prison) and hold elections for a new president. When all was said and done, Mohammed Morsi, of The Muslim Brotherhood, was elected the new President of Egypt. 

   Fast forward to today, and things have changed a lot in Egypt. While people took to the streets to rejoice Morsi’s presidency on election night, they have now once again taken to Tahrir Square and had him overthrown. He now is imprisoned, like his predecessor, and Egypt is once again trying to figure out the direction that they want their country to take. The simple fact of the matter is though, they have no idea what they really want as a country, and this is exactly why America needs to not concern itself with the goings on of countries like Egypt. 

   When the United States decided it wanted to break away from the British crown, our founding fathers had a clear vision of what they wanted our country to be. They wanted freedom for all, and they wanted a chance for the citizens of their newly formed government to have a say in the way their country was run. Egypt, while having the support of Barack Obama and others around the world, knows that it wants change, but it doesn’t know what changes it wants to take place. There are too many factions fighting against one another, and this is going to make it next to impossible to ever achieve a true democratic state in Egypt since things are so divided. Until Egyptians can get a unified vision of what they want their country to be, they are never going to gain true independence as a nation. 

    That’s why I say that The U.S., along with other countries, needs to let Egyptians handle the problems they are facing themselves. There are way too many factors that show that Egypt has a long way to go into becoming a nation where its people know what they want. After all, they have arrested a man who they thought would provide them with what they wanted just one year ago, and overthrowing your government every time you disagree with them is not part of democracy. Once they realize what true democracy is and have a clear vision of what they want, I would not object to aiding them in their quest, but, until then,I think America should not concern itself with the “Arab Spring”. 

May God Bless America, 

The Generation X Conservative 

Making A Star Out Of A Terrorist: What “Rolling Stone” Does Best

“Rolling Stone” has been one of the most controversial magazines over the last few years. While it once focused on music and pop culture, it has taken a turn into the political world, and these stories have been some of the most talked about in “Rolling Stone” history. From getting General Stanley McChrystal fired to having the reporter who wrote the story die in a bizarre accident a few weeks ago, it’s safe to say that “Rolling Stone” has officially entered the world of politics. They continued this practice again this month when they profiled the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in this month’s issue.

While it is perfectly legitimate for them to inform the American people of what may have caused this young man to take a turn for the worst, “Rolling Stone” went a step too far when they placed him on the cover of their magazine. Not only did he get the front cover, but the way in which the layout was done made him look, not like a terrorist, but instead like one of the celebrities that often grace the cover of the classic magazine. Basically, they turned Tsarnaev, who killed and maimed dozens of Americans, a rock star, and they simultaneously outraged a large percentage of Americans while they were at it.

Americans are so outraged that many stores have even stated that they would not be featuring the magazine in their stores. CVS, among with other companies, have stated this, and I applaud them for the work that they have done in hindering this terrorist from being turned into a rock star. We are, after all, a country who has freedom of the press, but we also allow companies to decide what they choose to put on their shelves. These companies are expressing their disapproval of such a cover, and, in doing so, exercising their Constitutional rights.

“Rolling Stone” has defended itself saying that they are putting something that is relevant on the cover of their publication. While I understand that they want to sell issues by being controversial and relevant, they must understand that those who were victims of the Boston bombing are going to look at the one living person who caused their trauma and injuries every time they walk past a news stand. The person who attacked them isn’t painted as the vitriolic and mean person he is though. Instead, he is made to look like a glamorous celebrity. This is just wrong, and “Rolling Stone” needs to issue an apology to the victims and their families for having to see the man who attacked them made out to be some kind of celebrity the whole time that the magazine is on news stands.

While some who read this may think that my opinion is harsh, I just feel very passionate about the issue. I would not have minded if they had used a cover that showed Tsarnaev in a different light, but the fact that those who have not seen or heard of him would think he is another celebrity or singer after viewing the cover is what I find troubling. The simple fact of the matter is that he is a terrorist, and he should be treated him like one. After all, there are some sick and twisted individuals who may take note and do something similar to what he did just to be on the cover of a magazine.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative

Huffington Post: Giving A Voice To Terrorists And Enemy Combatants

As a conservative, I feel like I should be fully informed about my opinion so I read both conservative and liberal news. One of the liberal websites that I visit the most is Huffington Post because I feel that they are the true voice of the liberal movement. From defending Obama’s every move to bashing conservatives, The Huffington Post is truly the microphone for liberal America. While I disagree with a lot of the information on their website, most of the time I give them the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to ideology.


That was until yesterday. While I did my daily quick scanning of the site, I found an article entitled “A Letter From Guantanamo” that had me outraged. The letter, penned by Guantanamo Bay prisoner Abdelhadi Faraj, chronicled all the ways in which Mr. Faraj felt he had been mistreated since he had been imprisoned at the prison complex off of Cuba’s coast. He told stories of he and other prisoners having been victims of beatings and excessive and invasive medical checks, and he lamented on how cruel the United States government and the soldiers at Guantanamo Bay had been to him and his fellow inmates. At the end of the article, he states that he is going to continue with a hunger strike he has been doing until he gets everything he demands from the United States government.

To which I say, what demands? He and his fellow inmates are mostly terrorists and enemy combatants who have plotted attacks against the United States,and, in many cases, killed American soldiers on the battlefield. They should not be able to demand anything. Most of them, in fact, are scum, and they deserve to rot in those prison cells. After all, the men and women who have died at their hands don’t get a chance to even live because of these individuals, and they should be glad that the United States government is sparing them their lives.

In the meantime, The Huffington Post and other liberal media need to tell America both sides of the story. After all, they didn’t even reach out to the staff at Guantanamo Bay to respond to the accusations, and they treated Faraj’s letter as absolute truth. This shows where their priorities lie, and, to be honest, it makes me sick. They can defend Guantanamo Bay detainees, but they spew nothing but hatred at the men and women who protect their freedoms on a day to day basis.

So conservatives, it’s time to take actions. If this article makes you as angry as it has made me contact The Huffington Post and tell them that this article was not appropriate. Tell them that they need to realize that these people are not heroes, but they are completely the opposite. After all, this blog is read by many young people, and it may shape the way that they look at our troops and our enemies in a negative way. Only by speaking up can we try to stop this from indoctrinating the younger generations and give our future military members hope that they will be respected in future years.

May God Bless America,

The Generation X Conservative